Mothers always have one priority set, no matter what species of animal they are. What is on top of their list of important things? Well, that would be their babies. Animals find a partner and have a baby, putting its wants and needs first. But animals that have been held in captivity often face a lot of troubles. They are born naturally with wild animal instincts. So when you place these animals in a domestic setting, it gets troublesome for them to adapt. A tigress that was living in such conditions did not know how to care for her babies called Kai and White. Therefore a Russian couple had to take charge as their parents!

Kai and White

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So since we all know that wild animals are born with wild instincts, they often find it hard to cope with their environment if it is kept in a domestic place. When this tigress had her cubs, she was not able to give them what they needed. Since she was not raised in the wild, the two rare white tiger cubs were having trouble in life. A Russian couple who handle tigers heard about this tigress so they decided to jump in and help.

Well Taken Care Of

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So for a tiger not to grow up in the wilderness would naturally feel a little off.  And yes, these two tigers certainly did not get to spend their lives in the wilderness. However since these humans were now taking great care of them, it was not much of a problem. However, was this going to last? Just to look at them was a blessing because these cubs were absolutely adorable! So what happened as the cubs started growing up?

Some Major Obstacles

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So since they were lucky enough for the Russians to take interest in raising them, the two felines were not missing out on anything their tigress mother would have given them. They have no turned three years old and are now fully mature. Since they are undoubtedly beautiful, they have a huge fan following on Instagram. Their human parents would often post photos and pictures of the two gorgeous cats for people to see. But it was not always like this, there was a lot of obstacles…

A Good Reason

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Their tigress mother did not know how to take care of her cubs as she had been held in captivity and did not experience life in the wild much. She was not giving the necessities that these babies needed, so something had to be done.  The cubs went on to receive a lot of attention and admiration for their sheer beauty! But there was something about these cubs that drew the Russians to take care of them in the first place.

At The Zoo

So about three years ago, the two adorable white tiger cubs Kai and White were born at a zoo. Right from the time they were born, these two cubs faced a problem. And just a few moments after their mother gave birth to them, it was clear that the Cubs’ health was not ideal. In fact, there was a very huge problem. Their mother was just not into taking care of her babies.

Not Interested

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It was unlike anything the zookeepers had ever seen before. The tigress was just not into her babies, like she did not have any interest in her cubs whom she just gave birth to.The tigress was not concerned about them, did not care to feed them even. So the people working at the zoo had to do it. But since they were not well trained and educated on how to do it, they did not do a good job. The two cubs were on the verge of dying.