Very Bald And Very Sick

Since the baby cubs were not getting the proper care they needed, they were slowly withering away. Kai and White were slowly losing their fur, and their poor health was rapidly getting worse. Their condition did not seem good at all. The zoo was now caught in a dilemma. They had the choice of letting these precious cubs die or to just make a call to Eugenia and Mikhail. They were two Russians that were tiger experts.


So the zoo had no choice but to ask from help from the Russians. After receiving their call for help, the couple took the bald cubs along with them to go home and care for them. They came quickly as they knew how fragile and tender baby cubs are. And so they learned that the poor babies’ whiskers had been badly damaged and that they were suffering from a serious allergy as well.

Tiger Experts

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So when they took charge of the cubs from the zoo, Mikhail and Eugenia were sure not to keep the tiger babies as pets. They knew that these were not domestic animals, that they belong to the wild. The couple knew just what to do with them. They knew how to look after them, how to properly treat them and how expensive they are to handle. Animals like these take a lot of effort and money to be taken care of.


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So the couple was not sparing anything at all if it meant saving the baby cubs. They were in critical condition so Mikhail and Eugenia were not taking any chances. It was fortunate for the babies to get help when they needed it most. In order to rehabilitate the brothers, the tiger experts did all that they could. After giving so much effort, the results were slowly starting to show on the animals. But what happens in the future?

Alive And Healthy

Since the Russian tiger experts came in time for the little cubs to be saved, Kai and White managed to pull through. It was all due to the extensive efforts and constant attention that these tigers are now alive and healthy. The two loving human parents are indeed responsible for this miracle to take place. They would feed the cubs their milk, gave them their baths and anything a cub would ever need.

Not For The Ordinary

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And as we all know, wild animals should never be caged nor should they be kept in a domestic home. Ordinary folks should never take in tigers or other wild animals just because they feel like it The couple revealed in a later interview, explaining that ordinary people should never keep exotic creatures. It takes a lot of money and expertise to raise them so normal folks could never do it.