A picture says a thousand words or there’s a story behind every photograph, say as you like, but there’s no denying how precious these stills are to us. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a party, a travel excursion, or just a get-together, these stills are the immortal fragments of our past that we often re-visit while browsing through the photographs. They remind us of what we were in that exact moment, sometimes we deliberately stressed our cheeks to say “cheese” and there were also times when we were up to something stupid and that spontaneous candid caught us in a click. They mean a lot to us as they have our memories contained in them and just a thought of losing them scare us to the bones.

Unfortunately, a woman misplaced her camera during one of her travel excursion that contained the pictures of her experience. She had never expected to retrieve it back, but it seemed that the lady luck was on her side as a series of serendipitous encounters would lead to this woman finding her camera after 2 long years. Find out how it all happened.

Field Trips

Remember those field trips we had been to as school kids? Yeah, I know some of you found museums and educational tours boring and loved the outbound trips more such as a hiking expedition or visiting a sanctuary or just camping around and setting a bonfire, playing different games while you sang and danced the night away. But I bet none of your field trips led to something that the kids at Yue Ming School experienced. Curious much? Read and find out for yourself.

Educating the Youth

Educating the Youth - Lost at Sea
It all dates back to March 27, 2018, when a bunch of fifth graders was attending a lecture about the adverse effects pollution has on the beaches and oceans in their island and across the world. The students at the Yue Ming Elementary School, Taiwan, had gathered to learn from their environmental education teacher Park Lee. But soon their clean-up campaign would take an unexpected turn.

Spreading Awareness

The foremost objective to take such a session with the kids was to create awareness in them about how to protect marine life against non-degradable wastes such as plastic bags and bottles that float in the ocean. While they were all excited for this expedition, one of the students would discover an object which was certainly a lot more than just a piece of trash.

 A Small Effort Goes A Long Way

Combing the Beach - Lost at Sea

The students left for a clean-up tour along with their teacher Park Lee as they had planned. They targeted the closest beach to their school in an attempt to clean the shores, and to show the students how awful can things get due to human ignorance. Field trips are much better while addressing such issues instead of sitting inside a classroom and watching a presentation over the screen, as the students get to see the real-life scenario that helps them understand things better. Also not to mention that they are much enjoyable and fun.

 Milling About

Combing the Beach - Lost at Sea

The little environmentalists arrived at the beach equipped with garbage bags, sun hats, and their school uniforms to get the job done. The students were divided into sub-groups, assigned with different parts of the beach enabling them to clean the beach thoroughly. It was a tiresome task but they pulled it off with fun and a smile on their face. However, their happy faces would soon change and wear a look of surprise when they discover a peculiar object.

What Do We Have Here?

While searching, one of the kids found an unfamiliar object that certainly didn’t look like trash. It was quite heavy and hard. The peculiar object looked like a rock as it was covered in barnacles and the other side had a screen enclosed in a plastic box that made it difficult for everyone to identify what exactly it was. When the students couldn’t figure it out, they headed to their teacher, Park Lee, to help them identify their exotic discovery.