Majority of us agree that the best therapist has fur and four legs. We love cuddling and caressing our pets. I know we love our pet too much, but these lively and cute creatures can turn out to be a mess when it comes to the bathroom. Firstly, their hair and fur could be found on every piece of upholstery. Secondly, your entire house would be having paw prints. Third, you could locate pet food under furniture. But there is more work when it comes to finding your pet in the bathroom. They can be a jerk as well as fun over there.

Here are some of the craziest, yet funny things the pet did in the bathroom. Keep yourself ready to be rolling with laughter.

That’s Too High

Giving your dog toilet training is a tiresome task. But you surely are spared of this hectic task if you own a corgi like this. How well he uses the stairs to reach out to the toilet chair. But, wait why is he using a human toilet seat? Don’t you think he should have gone out or used the toilet chair designed for him? Whatever it might have been this dog is having a good time there. See how carefully is he observing something over there. If you are wondering how did he manage to adjust the staircase there then sorry but even I am wondering that.

Momma, Its Hangover

I thought only we humans suffer from a hangover after a party struck Saturday night, little did I know that our beloved pets also have such issues. Maybe he ate too much of bacon last night. But the sight that he is puking with such a posture with two legs placed perfectly on the toilet seat somehow makes me laugh. Wait, is he drinking the water from there. Oh no, somebody needs to rush in there to help him prevent catching diarrhea.

Cats And Baths, No!

Everyone knows cats and baths are always poles apart. They are not at all bathing friendly. Every time they witness a bathing session they would freak. This cat was having a good day until her owner decided to give her a bath. She is balancing quite well over the knobs, but the poor soul doesn’t know that just a bad balance and she would end up in the bathtub and that splash would be a hilarious one. Kudos, little kitty until you are able to fly in there.

Quick, Before Mom Gets Back

Well, this is the most interesting thing I saw on the internet today. Two dogs ganging up against one. Maybe the one in there needs to be taught a lesson. How did they even thought of this crazy idea? Don’t forget to notice that cute bummy of the poor pup inside. Guys, you need to hurry before your mom comes. Because once she is here, you both will end up in the same toilet seat as your fellow partner.

I too want to try this with my friends for at least once.

Want That Too

This dog is having a weekend surely much better than the majority of us. Such a relaxing day is he having. But whose dog is that? It must belong to a high-class lady. Look how well are those cucumber slices placed and those candles lit up in the surrounding. That’s a relishing bath. Hey boy, apply some face pack as well.

Doing Push-Ups

You must have witnessed many people around you working out with push-ups. But have you ever seen a cat doing so? Well, this cat seems to work out her fat body cells by pushing and scrolling down that toilet paper. Little did she know that once her human is here, she will have nowhere to spare herself from the consequences. Till then enjoy that rolling pin.