There’s something unique about having a pet, it’s a combo of a baby and a friend; two in one. In case you don’t believe what we just mentioned, you have to go through these pet shaming pictures of dogs from around the globe proves that they certainly could be more than just cuddling furry buddies!
Those who own pets will either agree with us or will be thankful for their pets behave obediently. And if you are planning to welcome one home, then, before you do so,  you should surely know what can be the outcomes.

Leave The Cake At LeastImage result for 2 dog shaming

This Cocker Spaniel denied waiting for his twin brothers to blow the candles and decided to taste the cake himself first. Well, we can’t see any shame on his face for what he has done, he isn’t to be blamed as maybe he just wanted to check if it is safe for the toddlers to have.

Did You Know?- Dogs can be as smart as a 2-year-old baby and can learn to identify up to 200 words!!

Friends In Needhttp://

Funny story is here, one finds it and other chews it off, surely, they are having a great time at their home but the kids who were going to receive those stuffed toys have to wait for a bit longer now. Such plans are less likely to work for a family with two pooches on a “search mission” for studded toys.

Did You Know?- Dogs can not understand why they’re being scolded, they just feel sad as their owners are scolding them.

Foxy Kid?

Someone is supposed to help a lady when she’s trying to catch her pooch and take him home but what to do when your furry friend is mistaken to be a fox. Definitely, people will be scared instead of giving a helping hand. We really hope this fox-like dog never runs away as we really feel the tough time his owner has faced but aren’t they worth it?

Did You Know?- Dogs have the simplest requirements, in case, their blood pressure is low all they need is to be petted and that’ll do the work!!

We Don’t Care Anymore!Image result for shame dogs with signs

Dogs have their habits and they’ll repeat the same things, again and again, like this one, however, he does have his brother to the rescue who tries cleaning up his mess every time and the look on his face says a lot about how proud he is. None of them seem to be affected by the shame boards hanging around their necks.

Did You Know?- Not just dogs, petting a dog might help in lowering down a human’s blood pressure too!

Panda Vs Poochhttp://
Presenting the panda stuffed with a dog’s head! Remember how much Hugsy meant to Joey from Friends?  Well, it was difficult for the owner to be happy about this evil act yet he gave his pooch what he wanted the most; a Panda. And how adorable he looks sitting there flaunting his new love!

Did You Know?- If your pooch is chasing its tail then it could be for various reasons that include curiosity and anxiety and much more, in case, it happens a lot, then you should surely talk to a vet.


This doggy is still in the mood to take the 5th stick from the grocery bag and the poor owner is still confused about what happened to the 4th stick. They should look for it in the yard where it seems to be buried and covered because that’s our pets’ favorite place to hide stuff!

We all know about dog’s “superpower of smell” which is thousands time better than humans but Did You Know? Their sense is strong enough to recognize diseases like diabetes and even cancer!!