We don’t just decide to get a tattoo overnight. There is a selection process for the right tattoo. People can take months to be certain about the tattoo they would like to have and we’ve known people who make instant choices.
However, what is equally important is to get it done by a professional artist otherwise the following examples can be anyone’s true story. The simplest of the tattoos can be ruined and with a spoiled tattoo, a lot of trouble is on the way for sure.

Not At All FamousNot Quite Famous

Who cares if you miss an L, as long as you are famous! And as per that assumption, the striking truth is ‘you don’t have to be correct, you just have to be famous’. We can bet on this one, this picture would’ve made straight to this lady’s social media page where she could finally get appreciated for her ‘popularity’, thanks to her great spellings!

The Earliest Shock!Eye Want A New Mom!

This kid’s expression is so hilarious that anyone would understand, it is his life’s earliest shock. Just like wedding photos, a newborn’s first picture with its mother is the most amazing memory ever. However, his mom is not ready to get out of her evil-character revealing tattoo a that’s the only thing one can focus on and the second is, of course, the baby’s look!

Advice Taken!
Plan Ahea-

We are out of words for this one, people really don’t think about what they’re getting on themselves is not gonna vanish within a few days; people, it’ll stay throughout your life until you’ve enough money to get it removed. It’s just a ‘D’ dear, why don’t you ‘plan ahead’ for it?

Bald-MoveThe Night King

Does this tattoo ring any bells inside your mind too? The big blue eyes and the greyish facial shades make this tattoo quite similar to the White Walkers of the Game of Thrones. This is one of the famous head tattoos on the internet and it’s definitely worth it. Though the tattoo isn’t admirable the person who got it on his bald head with some hair left in such an artistic way is all good about it.

Starry FaceStar Light, Not Too Bright

Hangovers have the power of making us do things, we’ll never dare to do when we are in our senses. We aren’t saying it on the basis of our experiences, this lady’s example is just a reminder that how one should maintain distance from tattoo artists and any friend who is a tattoo maker before getting drunk and high.

I’m Lovin’ It!Got My Order?

What was Stian Ytterdahl thinking of when he got this tattoo? We would love to know the story he most probably told the tattoo artist behind him getting McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his hand. Heights of dedication towards his favorite food outlet and his choice could have been the logo but no for some reason, it’s the receipt!