Do you like Sarcasm? Well, we love it. There are some people who don’t believe in giving a simple answer to a simple question. They have to make their answer different or should I say sarcastic enough to blow the other person’s mind. Here we have enlisted those savage people who gave an example with their sarcastic skills. Take a look!

Your Grace

This little boy had gotten tired of his mom telling him again and again to clean the bathroom. Just like every other boy, he did try to ignore her for a while but his mom was not willing to let go of it this time. So finally he had to clean the bathroom. However, the boy had his own way of getting back at her. He put a note in his bathroom greeting the Queen of England as if she was going to come to their house and check their bathroom.  

Open Rebellion

Rebels never obey the rule. The question was limiting the person to third words only but the answerer rebelled against it in his own way. He did describe himself but in four words. This person is surely going to do something big.



People were not pulling over their car even after seeing the stop sign and that is when the police decided to be a bit sarcastic. Police decided to put out another sign. This new sign is for those who avoid the STOP sign and keep moving.

Spoiled Milk

Ever seen spoiled milk? If no, then it means you keep your refrigerator close all the time. Someone used to keep the refrigerator open which would lead to the spoiling of milk. So, someone got this creative idea and put it out on the door of the fridge.

Sorry, But Not Sorry

Is it an apology letter? Not in any sense. The person had to write this letter as the man’s misdeed did not go unnoticed. Someone had caught him doing this and so he pretended to write an apology letter. But why am I telling you all this? You have read the letter, right?

Alarmed Door

Have heard people being alarmed but never a door. It is a very uncommon sign that you don’t find everywhere. Though many chose to ignore, there was someone who took the responsibility of leaving a reply to the note. The answer is right in front of you.