Statue Of Liberty is in New York. Washington Monument is in Washington D.C. Mount Rushmore is at South Dakota. Golden Gate Bridge is well known in San Francisco.  Yes, all of us know that. No one is ever interested in History. After all its boring. But you know, why do people say that “History Repeats Itself”? Well, its because no one listens to it in the first place.

Even if you are not really fond of History, you must go further with this article. Because it carries some not-so-boring rather the rare historical photographs that you won’t find anywhere else. They are the true heritage. While some have the deepest hidden secrets lying behind them, the others on the second hand will leave you laughing hard as well.

So, it’s time that you scratch your head and wonder why didn’t you take history to be something this interesting before.

The Original Ronald McDonald

Quite tough to believe but this was the very first version of Ronald McDonald mascot used by the world-famous food chain McDonald’s. He surely did not attract many customers due to its horrifying appearance. It was an alive man who carried a tray with french fries and a drink. Instead of a clown’s red nose, he sported a cup. Thankfully, the owners soon realized that it won’t do any good to their customer base and designed the happy and lively mascot we see today. Surely, we are loving it!

The Face Of The Statue Of Liberty

This might not be the first time that you are seeing The Statue of Liberty. But it definitely will be the foremost time when you are seeing its face from such a close-up. It’s quite unrecognizable. Isn’t it? This picture was taken in 1885 in France where the statue was originally assembled to be shipped to New York as a gift to the United States. Wait, did you know that it was a gift?

Elvis Presley And Military?

The King Of Rock And Roll had his ties with the military too. Well, who knew that? The majority of us are used to seeing Elvis Presley as the rockstar of the 20th-century and have never seen him this young and that too at military camp. Probably none could even imagine that Elvis would have had such a disciplined life back then. This picture was taken in the year 1958, long before he emerged as the cultural icon.

First Ever Bulletproof Jacket Testing

This sight from the year 1923 is an amusing one. Though it’s depicting the scene when the first ever designed bullet-proof jacket was being tested, it left the onlookers laughing hard. Who tries the efficiency of a bulletproof jacket by actually firing a bullet towards the man wearing it. One could have tested it over a statue instead of risking the life of an officer. Kudos to the officer who agreed to wear that jacket for testing.

 That’s Charlie Chaplin

What? Can’t recognize him? Believe us, he is none other than the renowned Comic Perfectionist, Charlie Chaplin. This picture dates back to 1916 when he was as young as 27 years. All of us are so habitual of seeing him with a painted face, little mustache, and that infectious smile, that he with such a poker face seems to be completely incognito.

The Hindenburg Disaster

This breathtaking photo was taken in the month of May in the year 1937 when the world was mourning at the Hindenburg Disaster. It was a disaster that shocked the world when the German airship, carrying hundreds of passengers, caught fire while docking at the Naval Air Station in New Jersey. There was an enormous fire around. Nearly 36 people were reported to be killed aboard the ship and only 62 managed to survive. This event has its mark in the history only through means of photographs and the testimony of the eye-witnessers.

That’s surprising to know such a massive incident has such little known. History can be engrossing…