Every parent considers their kids to be the most beautiful in the world. They are the apple of their parent’s eye. But when twins were born to the Clements family the mother knew instantly that they were special. She had an eye for beauty and the moment her babies were born she knew what profession she was going to put them into and she did. Today her children are amongst the most famous kids in America. Who are they and how did they become what they are today?

Meet The Parents

Kevin Clements and his wife Jaqi had been pregnant with twins and they delivered before the due date. Nevertheless, there was no complication and the twins were born healthy. This was 2010 and like any new parents, Kevin and Jaqi were not quite prepared for all the parental duties but Jaqi noticed something really amazing about her newborn daughters that was going to be life-changing for the entire family.

Growing Family

The Clements already had a baby boy who was 2 years old in 2010. And even though Jaqi loved her boy she always wanted a girl. The family got a bonanza news when they were told by their doctor that Jaqi was pregnant with twins and they both were girls. Kevin was a handsome man and Jaqi’s beauty was a topic of envy amongst her kitty friends. The daughters were going to be beautiful, having the genes of Kevin and Jaqi but just how beautiful?!

Early Arrival

On July 7, 2010, twin daughters were born into the Clements family exactly four and a half weeks early. Thankfully they were healthy girls. In an interview later, Jaqi observed, “They came four and a half weeks early but knowing their personalities now it makes total sense that they would show up early, unannounced, and ready to take on anything.” What was so special about them?

Ava And Leah

Jaqi held identical twins in her arms and she knew right at that moment that she had not laid eyes on a more beautiful pair of girls and the observation was not coming just from her motherly love instincts but as an observer of beauty. Ava and Leah were gorgeous and Jaqi was really excited to clothe them in identical clothes and accessorize them. Secretly, she had also thought of a profession for her daughter. 

Perfect Babies

When relatives and acquaintances came to congratulate the Clements on the birth of their daughters and beautiful family, or when they took their daughters out on a stroll even the strangers noticed the striking appearances of their daughters too. They complimented their flawlessly smooth skin, silky hair, and impeccably symmetrical faces- it seemed like they were baby models from a fashion magazine.

Strangers’ Suggestions

Passers-by casually commented that Jaqi should get her daughters to model. And some relatives even suggested the same. But her daughters were not even a year old yet and she even had a boy to take care of. How was she going to manage baby girls in modeling and a boy at home? Nonetheless, she decided to give it a try and gave a call to a modeling agency in Los Angeles. It was not a good decision though.