When was the last time you thought of becoming suddenly rich? Every day, right? It’s not a bad thing to see yourself as the king of this world. We agree that money can’t buy everything, but still, there are things that money can buy and can provide you with happiness. Laying on your bed, day-dreaming about all the money you could have and all sort of things you can buy with that kind of money are exciting but can be depressing too, because, in the end, we all know the reality of our lives.
But there are people like us who dreamt of becoming rich and believe it or not, they become a millionaire in a very unexpected way. This 17-year-old girl was working an $11-an-hour job as a temporary receptionist before life surprised her with this opportunity that filled her life with fame and all the money in the world, but conditions apply.

Unexpected Win

Buying a lotto ticket was never on her mind. But that’s the beauty of life. You somehow stumble upon some unexpected things that change the course of your entire life. She was holding the lotto ticket and then she heard the winning numbers, she had just won whopping $1.4 million. She just made an impossible moment of life a possible one. This teenager soon will have a millionaire added to her name. This was just a start.

Trouble Ahead

Looking at her bank balance, she thought that her life is sorted for best. She would never have to worry about anything in her life. And it’s true. Who would have to worry about anything if a person has got this much money in hand? Little she knew what awaits her. The sky that was looking bright to her would soon change the color.

First Time Lucky

There are around 90 million people in America that play lottery annually and spend $200 on average. But here she was a 17-year-old teenager who bought the lottery ticket for the first time in her life and that too a winning ticket. You feel excited reading it, right? But Jane Park sometimes wishes of not winning the lottery at all, why is that? Winning such a huge amount of money at such a young age sure made her happy at first, but this fame and fortune came at a bigger price that can’t be paid with this money.

Life Of A Millionaire

Jane left her 9 to 5 job. She was now free. She was in the center and master of her own sea. She took a two-month vacation to Spain and purchased a house in Prestonpans, Scotland. She always wanted a dog, so decided to get one chihuahua that would perfectly fit into her new way of life. She was spending and buying things as there is no end to it. Little she knew that later all the gold she was collecting will become the obstacles through which it will become extremely difficult to move forward.

Shopping Sprees

Jane was on the roll. She kept cutting off things from her bucket list one after other. Exotic vacations, done. Buy a new house, done. New pet, done. What is left? Ah! A car. No. Cars. First, she bought a $23,000 Volkswagen Beetle and then a $34,000 BMW. When she got bored of both of them, she decided to buy a $25,000 bright purple Range Rover that had its interior colored on her favorite soccer team. What else left?

Rich And Famous

Jane soon became like famous celebrities. And why wouldn’t she? She had the same bank balance as many celebrities have. She would go out partying with her friends in expensive clubs and places. She doesn’t like to travel alone, so she took her friends on a five-star vacation to the Maldives with all expenses paid by her (a good friend she is, even we want one). It was like living a dream. She thought of something and the next moment she had it. Be it anything, she could afford it all. If you think that’s all she did with her money and life. Then be prepared for this surprise.