We can never know what life has planned for us, even a usual day might turn our lives around. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Don’t believe what we say, then meet this man who made an exceptional discovery in his orchard. He wouldn’t have imagined that someday while working in his orchard, he will find this amazing thing that will change his life forever. Now, what’s that he found? You’ll be amazed to see his discovery that went viral in no time. Everybody was talking about the amazing thing he found and what he did with it is even more astonishing. You’ll find out very soon.

Little About Chengdu

Before we start let us tell you about the Chengdu Plain which is also famously known as the “Country of Heaven” and the “Land of Abundance.” We think the place is living up to its name because of the discovery this guy made in his farm. His life was turned into a heaven after he found this amazing thing on the farm he owns which was holding it for god knows how long. Let’s see how his life changed after the discovery and what he did with the discovery.

A Surprise In The Orchard

It was November, he could feel the weather changing. The morning was crisp and he was prepared to start his day. Little he knew this day would change his life because of the amazing discovery he was soon about to find on his farm. He wouldn’t have thought that living in the Chengdu province in Southwest China, Wenhua would change his life forever. It was supposed to be a usual day but life had a different plan for him.

A Prevalent Farmer In China

Li Wenhua a simple farmer with simple thinking has one of the most renowned surnamed in China that are part of 100 million people all over the world. He comes from the great line of Tang Dynasty but being a simple man with simple thinking had no interest in the bloodline. He loves spending his days on the citrus farm he owns. Nothing makes him happier being on that farm. We think even the farm loved Li which presented him with this amazing thing that changed his life forever. You’ll be amazed to see what he did with that thing.

The Struggles Of Citrus Farming

The season for citrus farming wasn’t going that well in China. The orchards all over the country suffered from the heavy attacks from greening disease, which reduced the expected yields for that season. Each and every farmer was worried about the attack and hoped that their crops won’t get affected. Even Li was worried and decided to look into his crops condition. It was just time and soon he was about to find the most unbelievable thing. What it could be?

Caught The Disease?

Li was worried about his crops that might also get caught in between of the greening disease attack. Though there was a very slight chance of his crops getting affected by it, still, he decided to check the crops to satisfy his inner worries. He was at the farm going through the trees’ condition which was looking quite healthy. The cold wind moved the trees which felt like the trees are waving back at him and are celebrating the event which was about to come in his life. It was during this inspection he made this awesome discovery.

The Garden Of Chengdu

Li lives in a Pujiang County, famously known as “the garden of Chengdu.” Being a farmer it was very natural of him to get worried about the trees on his farm but he knew that because of the fertile ecosystem this land holds his trees might be safe from the attack. Over 50% of the land of the garden of Chengdu is covered with the trees making the land one of the most fertile lands in China. But, Li has to be cautious because even one tree affecting by the disease could lead to a great disaster.