Rude cashier

Baker greeted the cashier politely with a warm smile. The cashier greeted him back but the greeting did not reach her eyes or her tone. She even looked impatient and annoyed as she chewed on her gum aggressively.

Baker decided to ignore this attitude. The cashier is obviously not having a good day. He understood that life was not always rainbows and butterflies for people who had to serve different customers all day. He continued to smile as he told her his order.

Not available

The cashier told Baker that his order was not available today. Baker asked for his second option. The cashier also said it was not available either. How can a diner run out of their special meals?

Baker was confused so he tried a third option from the specials. The cashier simply rolled her eyes as if he was being impossible and informed him that the dish was not available too. Baker looked at the dishes under specials to see what else he could get.

Specials are off the menu

Baker felt annoyed. He had spent a lot of time in line to get to today’s specials only to find out that none of them were available. If they had indicated on the board that the specials are not available, he would not have wasted his time in line.

The cashier’s bad customer service only added to his frustration. Still, Baker tried to be understanding. He asked the cashier what other dishes are available and which one is the best. He just wanted to make sure he will eat a meal that was worth all the time he spent in line.

Unjust treatment

The cashier rolled her eyes in response to Baker’s question. It was as if he had asked her something dumb. This turned out to be the last straw for Baker, and it must have shown on his face.

Before he could say something, the cashier told him to just leave if he was not going to order any food. Baker was shocked by her attitude. He has been trying to order a meal but she was the one who refused to cooperate.

Calling in the manager

Baker took a deep breath and exhaled the anger he was starting to feel. He then calmly asked the cashier if he could speak to the manager. The cashier just gave him a blank gaze and yelled for the manager.

A woman emerges from the kitchen a few seconds later. She takes a look at Baker and then sees the line behind him. She asked what’s the problem and reminded Baker that he was holding up the line.

Explaining his case

Baker tried his best to overlook the insinuation that he was the cause of the ridiculously long lines that have been there when he arrived. He calmly explained to the manager how the cashier was behaving and how the meals under specials are not available.

Baker complained about the fact that the specials were not available and that they should have taken the meals off the board. It was false advertising. And the management clearly needs to do some improvements with their customer service. He observed the manager’s reactions and could tell that this was not going to be a pleasant conversation.