They say that we should never judge a book by its cover. However, it is very easy to make assumptions and have an impression of something or someone based on the surface appearance. If we just base our opinions on something as temporary as physical looks, we may often find ourselves missing out on something that could have been wonderful. This dog had a very unappealing look that led to people neglecting him for so long but later, he proved that he was worth anyone’s time…

From The Get-Go

Just by looking at his face, you can see that Beaux is unlike any other dog you would have ever come across. He actually belongs to a family of Labradors that were looked after by a breeder. This dog was actually one of a litter of seven puppies that were born. However, there was an unfortunate incident in the womb, his siblings had taken up all the room and Beaux had been pushed out of the way.

From The Womb

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Even during the time in the womb, Beaux had a very rough time. Due to the lack of space for him to grow, Beaux had been left to develop a sunken cranium and close-set eyes. His face had become something that does not even look real. This is certainly not what a dog is supposed to look like. He had already been cursed by the time he was born and there was nothing he could do about it.


Because of the fact that his appearance is very unique, the breeder who owned him was convinced that he would not be able to sell him. So what did he decided on doing? The owner of Beaux gave him away for free, with no price attached to him at all. And after this happened, a guy who lives in Austin, Texas took him and decided to call him Lucky.

Like Cats And Dogs

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If you thought that Beaux was lucky to finally get someone to take him in, then you are sorely mistaken. Trouble for the poor dog was only beginning. Since the guy who took him in had a number of cats in his home, there was a huge problem. As we all know, cats and dogs do not go well naturally. And so even Lucky and the owner’s cats did not like each other. So ultimately Beaux had to be banished to the backyard.

So Much Neglect

Even though Lucky and the cats did not fight anymore as they had been separated, it was not an easy ride for the dog. He was not just left outside in the backyard. Lucky was thoroughly neglected as time went on. He was unattended for years and kept there in the backyard of his owner. After placing him there, Lucky was always by himself and was not ever given a bed to sleep on.

A Foster Family

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For a few years, Lucky had stayed outside in the yard as his owner did not want him inside the house. It was clear that he favored his cats more than his poor Labrador. After Lucky turned five years of age, a local rescue organizations found out that he was mistreated and soon attempted to intervene. They called his owner who did not hesitate to give the dog to a foster family. Lucky would still face more hardships…