Noah Galloway a U.S Army veteran lost one of his arm and a leg in an IED explosion in Iraq and post that he had to struggle with depression. After having gone through his own fights he now promotes a lifestyle to help people deal with the challenges their lives throw at them.

He is an expert for The Vitamin Shoppe and stated, “The fact that I’m injured and lost an arm and a leg, that bothered me a lot for a long time.” With the new approach in his life, he intends to focus not on his limitations but the potential. In an interview he talked about his ways of dealing with stress, building body confidence, and overcoming setbacks.

How do you feel body confident?

“What I found is the healthier I am, the better I feel, the more I can overlook that.”

What is your way of dealing with stress and anxiety?

“I relieve stress by exercises. It’s better to take anger out on the weights than on someone else.”

When facing setbacks, how do you overcome them?

“When I have those moments, those obstacles in my life, normally I’d want to just give up and say, ‘This is as far as I’m gonna go’ … it’s the thought of my children. They’re my motivation, so I always tell people, ‘Find something in your life that is more powerful than your fear, so when you have those moments, you can think about that and that helps you move past it.’”

What have you learned on/from your fitness journey?

“I got into fitness at a young age and I’ve always enjoyed it. But it wasn’t until I was injured and got back into fitness and started pushing myself, started challenging myself—started running races, marathons—I didn’t think I was gonna be able to do a lot of it, either. I just wanted to see where I could push myself. And then I found the more I did it, the easier it got. And when I started doing those things and accomplishing things that I didn’t think I could, then I started using that in everyday life. So fitness has taught me that there’s always a little more we can do.”