We all love cuddling our pets and spending some playful time with them. One never realizes that living with them and having fun with them make those pets a major part of our life, our heart, and soul. There are a hundred dogs and cats on streets which are stray and are not petted by any. They are equally adorable and bear the same emotions as any pet, but aren’t lucky enough to be a pet.

However, who said that only a pet is the one which receives abundance of love and care from their human dad or human mom, there are some stray animals which catch the eyes and hold the heart of humans. A poor kitty accidentally falls in a storm drain, her condition was miserable. Will she be able to make it in life or would she end up in despair?

Poor Kitty

Miss Kitty was a stray cat roaming over the streets in search of warmth and food. There were days when she was lucky enough to find some bread and some days went by when she had no other choice than sleeping on a hungry stomach. Life for stray animals is never easy and it was going to be even difficult for this poor soul.

Shivering Cold

It was mid-November and the climate was about to take a stern change. The weather was about to turn cold and cool breeze had already begun to blow. Miss Kitty was shivering and had no place to go. She at times would sleep over the grass in the park or would cling over a lampost to keep herself warm. However, it wasn’t doing any good.

In Need Of Warmth

While many of us think that animal has fur which could protect them from cold climatic conditions, this is not exactly the case. Cats especially kitten fur is not dense to the extent that it could withstand freezing cold. And when the kitty is malnourished then things get even terrible. And they were pathetic for Miss Kitty.

In Search

Miss Kitty was in desperate need of a place which she could call as home. At least the place would make her feel warm and could spare her the adversity of harsh climate. While she managed with dry leaves and grass in the day, nights made it extremely difficult for her. Then one morning, this happens.

Finally Got

The previous night, Miss Kitty managed to dig into some dry mud and sleep there. The mud provided her a cozy atmosphere to sleep. The very next morning she was back on streets hunting for food. And then she comes across the perfect space. Little did she know that space was not perfect but imperfect in every sense.

Parking Lot

The little cat crossed a parking lot that morning. And finding a lot of cars there excited her. As parking space was warm in comparison to the temperatures outside, the cat entered the place. But what she did next costed her life and the poor cat was now in need of help.