All She Needed

After spending days and night in search of a cozy place, one can understand how delighted the cat must have been to find a comforting parking lot. We as humans can’t bear extreme cold conditions then imagine how tough it must have been for such a little creature like her. And in this need of warmth, she did a mistake.

The Car

The kitty went near a car and made its way to the car engine. For some obvious reasons the temperature at the engine is way too warm and that was exactly what the kitty wanted then. She slips into the engine and enjoys her moment there until the driver returned.


The moment the car driver sat in the car and started the engine, the tiny cat was scared. She spooked and jumped in haste to save her life. Unfortunately, while jumping so she did not realize where was she jumping at and landed in an even terrible situation.

Fell Off

Miss Kitty was simple dozing off in that engine, but the vibrations and the noise that followed on the start of the engine scared her to wits. She was too small to understand what was happening and randomly just jumped anywhere. While she thought that getting off the car engine will save her life, she didn’t know that a safe landing was far away from her.


The kitty hurriedly jumped onto the other side of the car engine and instead of landing on to the road, she lost her balance and fell into the storm drain. This all happened in such an instant that the tiny creature couldn’t think of anything and was all into the stinky and dark waters of the drain. Poor kiddo again needed help, but this time a major one.


The kitty was stuck in there. There was no way with which she could get herself out from that drain. Moreover, as there was water inside and it was all dark, she was petrified. The little baby was helpless and the situation was no less than that of life or death. What will happen now?