Departing from your loved one is one of the terrible phases in anyone’s life. Sadly, it is not only we humans who face this trauma and anxiety but there are other living beings also who face this. And these living beings are no other than the cute little mute creatures of G0d, the pets-our beloved cats and dogs.

These animals can perceive emotions much stronger than we as humans could do. And when they witness a fall back in life they are broken and disturbed to a greater extent than we do. No doubts they are the ones who truly understand the dynamics of a relationship. When this cat screamed looking at the window, her owner had a still breath. The kitty needed help or maybe she saw something outside the window pane she had never expected to see. What was it?


Emma was disturbed seeing her kitty in pain. She did not understand what was making her this depressed and sad. The poor mute fellow sat near the window pane and continuously looked outside in hope. But, just that moment the kitty lets out a chilling howl that leaves Emma petrified.

Who’s It

Emma run towards the window pane to see if there was any visitor expected or unexpected in their house lawn. What she saw next had her baffled. She had never expected to see anything like that there. The sight was completely unbelievable. Even in the wildest nightmare, she had never dreamt of finding something like that. What was the scene?

Waffle Baby

Emma loved her tabby cat Waffle to the core. Her days meant running behind her, cuddling with her and taking her out for a walk. When Emma was stressed or depressed with the life she would talk her heart out to her adorable kitty. Just a simple hug from Waffle was enough to make her feel good. But when Emma wasn’t able to understand what was bothering Waffle, she was deeply saddened.

Love Interest

Waffles was a very homely and domesticated cat. She had never stepped out the home without her human momma Emma. And then one day when Waffles came up with a different sort of love interest, it was an unexpected thing for Emma. Emma could not understand what did Waffle was trying to mean. Rather what does all this even mean?

Family Ties

One of the traits of the stray cats is that even after you domesticate and pet them, they often share a relationship with their undomesticated family members, their cousins, and friends. This might sound strange but yet it is a fact. They are attracted to the cats of their same breed. They love to meet anyone who has the ability to please them. What was Waffle up to?

Hidden Secret

What did Emma witness on the window pane? Was it in any way related to the assumed to be “love-affair” that Waffle had been hiding? Why was Waffle depressed initially? What was cooking over the place that had Emma perplexed?