Not Anti-Social

Cats are social beings. They are equally loved and attracted to other creatures just as dogs. They mingle around and form relations with everyone they are attracted to. And people who assume that cats often have “cat-fight” but sorry to disappoint you, but they love making friends. Did Waffle also have some relationship?

Strange Sounds

One fine day, Emma was busy with arranging her wardrobe when she heard some strange sounds coming from the first floor. Initially, she thought the sounds are from the neighborhood, but after a few more screams she realized that the sounds are from none other than Waffle her beloved cat.  She was scared.

Another Cat

Emma ran towards the first floor looking for her cat. She was scared to hear her shouting and howling chill voices. What she saw next was an astonishing sight. Her lazy cat who would sleep anywhere she felt like, was snuggled up to a new friend. A new cat. Emma had never seen this cat in her neighbors and witnessing Waffle all cuddled like this left her surprised.

Too Strange

After finding this a little bizarre scene of her cat and the other cat, Emma was confused and taken aback. She had never expected that Waffle would develop a bond with any other cat like this. She had always stayed to herself and her relationship with another cat was something strange and uncomfortable to Emma. But Why?


Emma recalled that once she tried to adopt a few kittens from a pet house. And once she got them home, Waffle did not appreciate their presence. Waffles always had a cold vibe towards them and eventually Emma to give away the new members. And now finding Waffle with a new cat was a totally unexpected thing for her. However, Emma had not thought of the unfortunate that was about to come.

Not Optimistic

Emma wasn’t liking Waffle’s attachment to this new cat. She was not at all optimistic about it. Though the two cats were doing just fine together, the only thing that Emma was scared about was the “cat-fight”. There is a reason for the word to be called so. Probably, Emma was right as what came next had Waffle in tears.