Sheila is a divinely beautiful lioness who used to serve as a show animal in private parties. No doubt, this beauty was one of the most sought-after show animal owing to her uniqueness. Her fame began to take its toll on her and her health gradually started to deteriorate. Unfortunately, her caretaker did not bother to care for her that in return made her sick even more. One day, she was rescued but it seemed too late to happen. As the lioness had reached the worst of her condition. Everyone tried hard to get her back to her health but failed and lastly, they decided to give her a merciful killing and at that point, something happens that changes Sheila life completely!

Rescuing Sheila was one of the victims of human apathy when she got rescued by the U.S Department of Agriculture in July 2009. Though all of them were in poor shape, Sheila’s condition was particularly horrible. She was underweight, frail, and weak. She was having such a pathetic appearance that the organization assumed that she would not be able to survive another day. However, despite that, they decided to give it a shot.

Causes was rescued from an entertainment center in Texas. She was one of those animals who was sent to entertainment shows by their owner for visitor’s amusement. Unfortunately, the treatment meted out to them was extremely brutal and the caretaker’s careless behavior had taken a toll on them especially on Sheila. Keahey, founder of In-Sync Organization explained, ‘when they are no longer useful to him, he throws them aside and stops taking care of them.’

Since Birth was an African born lioness who was stolen and brought to Texas to work in the private entertainment center. It means she had been in this business since her birth. This pretty wildcat began living as a pet and appeared in photoshoots. The entertainment life started taking a toll on this a year old animal and she gradually began to give up.

Safe Environment was suffering from a coordination problem that did not allow her even to stand up on her own. They knew  “She had very little muscle coordination, and thus when she walked, her legs would slip out from under her.” She could hardly lift her head up in order to drink water. Moreover, the lioness was constantly refusing to eat anything. It seemed like she was not willing to live.

Not Rare, cases like Sheila are in plenty. People stealing animals from their family and natural habitat only to use them for the entertainment purpose is a common practice. Sadly, most of those animals meet poor treatment from their owners and only a few of them manage to survive those and most of them die in that appalling condition. Sheila, however, had something amazing waiting for her.

Handing Over condition of the lioness was so pathetic that the organization decided to hand her over to an animal social welfare organization known as In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center. This organization shelters and looks after stranded animals. It is a highly esteemed and trustable organization and that is why the U.S Agriculture department turned to them for the welfare of this animal. They asked them to look after her for a while and go for her euthanization if her condition does not improve.