Prestigious Name

Aurora’s Children’s Academy was one of the most prestigious schools in Colorado. It shared a good name and fame in the society. When Leeza saw a note in her daughter’s lunchbox from the school she was taken aback by what was written in that. She never thought that the school which she always bragged about would make her rethink about her decision.

Wanted The Best

Of course, any mother would want the best for her children. Right from imparting education to good manners and healthy eating habits, Leeza gave the best of everything to Natalee. She knew that if she shapes Natalee’s forming years in the best way possible, her future would itself turn bright. Thinking on the same lines she admitted Natalee to this school. Little did she know that the school would do the unthinkable.

A Bright Child

As a single- mother Leeza made sure that she provides Natalee with the best. And to an extent, Leeza was even successful in doing this as she never heard any sought of complaints regarding Natalee from school. She was good at studies and even at extra-curricular activities. When a complaint came from the school regarding Natalee, Leeza had no other choice but to talk to school authorities.

Public Drama

Leeza had absolutely no clues that a lunch box to her daughter’s school would end up making her a part of the huge public drama. Usually, she would pack healthy snacks like fruit salad, bread jam or cheese in her lunch but that day just because she was rushing late she packed her a packet of biscuits in lunch and it turned into a controversial debate all over the school and in media.

The Note

Leeza decides to share the note she received in Natalee’s lunch box on the social media and tell all the other parents sending their children to this school about the type of letter they send to parents. Leeza was highly disappointed to find such a letter. As a parent, she knew what was good for her child and what was not while the letter she received somewhere pointed towards her to be an irresponsible parent.

What The Note Read

The note at which Leeza was this annoyed, read something like, “it is very important that all students have a nutritious lunch. It is a public school setting and all children are required to have fruit, a vegetable, and a healthy snack from home”. For an instant, Leeza was confused at it as she always packed a healthy lunch for her. But that was not all. The lines in the note further, took Leeza’s anger to another level.