When animals are born with a disability, there is a common method practiced. These animals often get euthanized right away. And it is a shame because these animals sometimes miss the chance of ever proving their capability. These animals sometimes never get the opportunity to prove that they can thrive in life too. These animals actually have any right as the other ‘normal’ animals to live their lives. Take the case of this dog. When Lou Robinson met with this little puppy born without arms, she did not give up on the dog. And in the end, something amazing took place…

A Handicapped Puppy

We may have all seen a disabled animal being born. Even though we may assume that these animals do not have the ability to live a normal life and be independent, there is a chance we are wrong sometimes. Take the case of this cute little puppy called Nubby. The poor puppy had a very tough start in life. This pup was born special, he came out without arms.

Not So Bright

And for an animal to be born that way, life was bound to be a challenge right from the very start. There was a lot of immediate complications that followed. This poor puppy was not even able to approach his mother to feed himself from her breast. And there was another problem. His siblings would also push him away. And as time went on, it did not seem bright for the young dog.

The Choice

Since it was such a rough start to life for the poor puppy, it was such a pity looking at his struggle. And because of his disability, there was a veterinarian who gave a suggestion that Nubby would be better off if he was euthanized. And this decision came after the pup was just born. The veterinarian suggested this for the little puppy when he was just 4-hours-old.

A Kind Helper

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But there was something else that made his owner go against this advice. It was fortunate that Lou Robinson looked at this situation and decided that she would help Nubby. She wanted to make sure Nubby did not receive such a harsh treatment just because he was born without arms. It was not exactly his choice or fault he came out this way. Lou then took responsibility for the pup.

Who Is Lou Robinson?

And Lou was someone who had always been a help to animals. She is a truly someone who loves animals with all her might! She is the kind of person who believes that animals should always be given any necessary treatment or attention they require. She was ready to help out an animal in need. She was an important member of the rescue team in Houston, Texas

An Animal Group

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Lou was not one to just speak out about animals and their need. She was someone whose words were followed by action. She soon founded a group called Warrior Educate About Rescue. And what exactly does her group do? Well, this is a group that informs people regarding the topic of animal care. They intended to help people with their queries about how to best raise or rear their animals or pets.