For any mother, her baby is a top priority. The mother’s heart and soul reside in her child’s happiness. And this is a true feeling not only for human mothers but for any mother. A mother’s love and care, the nourishment she provides us with, has no comparison.

This is a tale of a cat-the adorable furry, four leg creature from South Carolina park. Though every individual living in the neighborhood loved her, when she started to behave a little sneaky, everyone was bothered. And what this cat was actually up to had left everyone surprised.

Miss Kitty

 Miss Kitty was the name that the residents near South Carolina gave to this white cat which was always found in the Trailer Park. She just like other cats was a social being. She loved playing with neighbors and their respective parks. Everyone loved this cat. She more or less became a community cat than being a stray one. But, soon only she became a cause of worry.

Strange Behavior

As the neighboring household residents often visited the Park and found this white cat playing and strolling around, her behavior was what they have been observing since days. When one day this cat started to behave in a strange manner, people were worried. Little did they know that this cat had altogether different plans.

The Mysterious Tendency

When it comes to cats, there is no denying that these creatures bear certain mysterious tendencies. One really doesn’t know what will be their next move. They are sharp and intelligent. And when the South Carolina people saw this cat acting weird, they knew something was not right. However, they had never imagined that it was beyond mischievous.

Fearing The Worst

With a little change in this cat’s behavior, everyone got alert. But why? Was her tactics or actions frightening people or was it something even scary? What was the cat doing that made everyone this worried? And the answer to this would make your jaws drop as well.

What Is She Doing?

The residents of Mayesville, South Carolina had a good reason to be suspicious of this cat. The kitty which was quite friendly and socializing, which could be seen playing around, now could be seen moving around but with something furry in her mouth. Not this, but she grabbed that thing with her teeth. The people were curious to know what she had been grabbing. And what they saw next left them shocked.

Rising Curiosity

As it is usual for cats to carry their kittens in their mouth, the onlookers thought that the furry animal this cat had been carrying all along is a kitty. And if not, they were suspecting it to be a rat due to it being black in color. But soon only they realized that the cat wasn’t carrying any kittens or mice rather she had a creature that none expects a cat to carry.