It’s A Puppy

On having a closer look the neighbors realized that the cat had been grabbing a puppy with her teeth. Everyone was petrified and had no whereabouts as to why the cat was doing so and where did she get this puppy from. This wasn’t something that happened just that day, it became a routine.

Daily Thing

The scene of a cat carrying puppy was a shocking one. However, things worsened when Miss Kitty would follow the same routine in the days to come. Everyone is aware of the common saying, “Fighting like cats and dogs” and witnessing a cat grabbing puppies was a reason demanding immediate concern and attention.

 The Strange Thing

One family which resided near the South Carolina Park had a family dog that recently gave birth to five puppies. While the family was away for some time, on their return they were confused about not finding the puppies. The owner of the puppies asked their neighbors about the same.

She Stole

Missy Grant who was the human mother of those five puppies asked her neighbors if they knew anything about their pups. She said, “We came home one night and there were five puppies missing, Where did five puppies go?’ I was hunting them, and then my neighbor said that she saw Miss Kitty stealing them.” Grant went clueless about this. And what happened next had her head revolving.

The Thief

The fact became obvious that while the family was away the cat had been dragging the puppies into her trailer. As people just saw the cat carrying the puppies none really knew where they were. Were they even alive? Things folded in the ways unimaginable.

A Link

Miss Kitty and the neighbors have been seeing each other since long, but neither of them mixed up their lives. The people would come and play with her and at times feed her food but nothing beyond that ever happened. However, until the day the cat had run away with the puppies none realized how closely were the lives of Miss Kitty and Missy Grant were interwoven.