Shared Wanderlust!

The couple justified the saying that, “Opposites Attract”. The reason for me saying this is that holding completely opposite views on things and when it comes to likes and dislikes was something that strengthened their bond even more. Matt was a lover of indie rock whereas Liz¬†fancied Justin Timberlake and they loved to give their other half the freedom to pursue and do whatever one wanted.

Loved India

Matt frequently visited India as his job demanded it. He was very happy to see Liz also finding the country very nice and eventually, it became their second home. Liz started to accompany Matt on his tours to India and made many new friends there. They both felt a connection with the place and would often gel with Indian culture. They actively participated in traditional events and could also be seen draped in ethnic clothes.

Visited The Taj Mahal!

The Taj Mahal as everybody knows is an epitome of the beautiful and everlasting bond that a man and woman in love share. So, there was no way that these lovebirds would miss a chance to visit it and proclaim their love towards each other. Matt was delighted to see the expression of amazement on Liz’s face after the visit and thanked Lord for it as this was his prime motive prior to taking her with him to India. They had waited for long and sacrificed a lot for moments like these.

The Moment Of Truth

While on their way to visit a famous temple in Nepal, Matt made up his mind to finally throw a marriage proposal in front of Liz. Though, Matt was extremely nervous while even of thinking of doing such a thing, it all turned into the biggest joy of his life when Liz replied with a yes while on their way back from Nepal. Now, they had only one thing in their mind for which they both eagerly waited and I am sure that you would have guessed what it was exactly!

Tying The Knot

Matt and Liz Logelin Get Married - Pregnancy BlogFinally, the day came for which Liz and Matt Logelin had been waiting for so long. It was on August 13, 2005, that they married each other in the presence of their family and friends. One could easily tell seeing their faces the amount of joy and satisfaction their souls were drenched with. This didn’t come as a surprise for their dear ones as they were aware of the fact that marrying each other was the thing they had wanted for years.

A Match Made In Heaven

They made a formidable couple as they loved each other a lot and had their respective careers on the rise. Everything seemed to be coming up perfectly for Liz who worked as an executive at Disney and Matt, a project manager at Yahoo. They loved each other like crazy and we’re going through a purple patch in their respective careers.