Often you must have heard that the only thing certain in life is that it is uncertain. One never knows what the upcoming day has in store for them. Though its a little harsh to accept, yet the fact is, many of us don’t really know whether will we be seeing the next morning sun or not. Still, we live each day as a best one and hope for the next one to be even better.

Fortunately, many of us really don’t get to face this uncertainty. But not everyone is that lucky. Laura Van Ryn is that one unlucky person who had to taste the misfortune of life. And things did not end here. The situation she ended up in was so bad that it came as a devastation to not only her family but to one more family. The very few words she spoke after waking up from coma changed the lives of her family members in a single go. Things unfolded in such an unexpected manner that human could not understand what exactly happened and all they called it was fate.

Hapless Soul

She was in a coma for weeks. Doctors were doing their best to keep her alive. With every passing day, her chances of making it up to the world were going bleak. Her parents had no other choice than counting on almighty and prayers. Finally, she came out of the coma. Just when her parents thought that their prayers have been answered,  the first words that their daughter spoke, changed their life in a microsecond.

The Unbelievable

For the parents seeing their dear child lying unconscious in the hospital bed for days must have been a painful side. Needless to say, Laura’s parents were broken. Their hopes were getting dull. And when she finally woke up, their happiness knew no boundaries. It was as if a dead soul got a life. But when she spoke up, their heart broke, their minds were in a state of shock, everything seemed to be in chaos and they were baffled.

Life Changing

For weeks she had been lying motionless on that hospital bed. And when after days she woke, her parents were eager to hear her speak. To ask her how she had been and how did she end up in such a phase. Luckily, she spoke. While the fact that their daughter spoke left them teary-eyed, the words that followed her mouth brought their happy lives to a standstill. What did she speak?


Let’s start from the very beginning to understand the crux of this tale. Laura Van Ryn was 22-years-old. She was happy to go-lucky person, who lived life to the fullest. She was an undergrad student at the Taylor University. Her extrovert nature made her a popular face at the university, and when she heard of a camping trip being organized she couldn’t resist.

University’s Motto

Taylor University where Laura was studying was a Catholic Institution and their sole motto was to serve the society. They often focused on social welfare and encouraged their students to too take an active part in it. The camping trip that was being organized was for a campus setting social welfare banquet. However, none knew then that this trip would be the last one for many.

Get Set Go

Fort Wayne is the northeastern city in Indiana. It is known for its Botanical Conservatory. The camping trip was destined to this place on Wednesday, April 26, 2006, and it was barely on a two-hour distance from the university. The students and the teachers’ staff were very excited about this road trip. Unfortunately, this trip could not meet its happy ending.