Clouds Of Darkness

After knowing the aftermath of this trip to Fort Wayne, the students who did not join in for this trip considered themselves to be very lucky, as they did not have to face the destruction. They were saved beforehand only by the Mighty. Only nine students went for this trip including Laura. While the purpose of the trip came to a beautiful conclusion, the students could not make it safe to their homes. The clouds of darkness surfaced them…

Sleep Disturbed

It was a tiring day at the camping site. All the students were tired and were almost sleepy on their way return to university. While some slept, others were playing games and some were busy with their gadgets. And suddenly their movements were disturbed by a sudden jerk and it all came as a wrap to this day. It was all still.

The Crash

Their bus was passing by Interstate 69 at the late hour when they felt that jerk. It was a horrible accident waiting for them over there. None thought that a day which was going so great by now would meet such a deadly end. It was terrible. A truck from the opposite side crashed into their vehicle.

Banged Into

A speeding semi-truck was coming from the opposite side and it in a single bang careened into the University’s bus. The driver was reported to be asleep while driving and he did not realize when did his vehicle crossed the speed limit and crashed into the bus. The accident was so major that the entire Interstate had to face a stubborn traffic jam.

Blood Everywhere

The people around immediately rushed towards the bus to help the severely injured. None could wrap their heads around the speed at which the semi-truck collided with the truck. The students were badly injured and were bleeding. There was blood all around. Unfortunately, many lost their lives in this fatal tragedy.

The Lost Ones

When the crash was so major, expecting that people would have made it alive was something unwise. Of the nine associates of Taylor University, five lost their lives.¬†Elizabeth Smith, 22; Bradley Larson, 22; Laurel Erb, 20; Whitney Cerak, 18; and Taylor University employee Monica Felver, 53, were all dead at the spot. While Laura was still breathing, none was really optimistic about her survival. Nor did the one’s who lost their life thought that the days to come would unfold like the way they did.