Owning a pet is a beautiful feeling. Those paws, that wagging tail, that soft fur, and the glooming eyes, everything is just for you. Anyone of you who have ever loved a pet knows how much of your heart do these little creatures occupy. Your day starts with their cute pet licks while your day ends cuddling them.

While¬†Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel loved their Labra-Pitbull mix pooch, Chloe with all their heart, their heart sank when their beloved doggo went missing after they went for a stroll in the mountain Mount Bross. The reunion with their pooch seemed impossible and locating him over the mountains was a challenge. With every passing day, they would gasp at their loss when something even unexpected happened…


Has your pooch or for that matter, any pet that you own went missing? If not, then you are really lucky and blessed because you were saved from the trauma and pain that comes along when your dear friend is lost. When Chloe went missing, Larry and Anouk had shivers and sleepless nights. They just prayed to have him back which was no less than a miracle to happen.

Meet Chloe

Chloe was a 13-year-old labra mix. When he was about 3 years old, Larry brought him home and since then they have been a happy family together. To Chloe, they were all he wanted. He was a cheerful pooch always by his parents’ side. So when he went missing, Larry never expected that he wouldn’t return.

Quite Often

Larry and Alouk own a Saloon in Colorado, the South Park Saloon from Alma. They loved interacting with their customers and even Chloe along with their son loved greeting every new person who visited them. The family had this weekend ritual that they would go and explore nearby places especially mountain hiking in various mountain ranges.

Desperate Call

The family on one weekend again planned a hiking trip in Mount Bross range as usual. They carried their backpacks and were excited to explore this new space. Unfortunately, the much-awaited walk into the wild woods turned out to be the one where they just desperately called out their beloved pooch’s name…

Fading Beauty

It was pleasant weather for hiking. The sun was peeking through the light clouds and a fine breeze blew. It was the month of August and the couple with their son and dog were heading towards the Rocky Mountain when this saddening incident took place.

Sudden Disappearance

Chloe was with their son all the while when they were heading towards the steep slopes and higher at the mountain. Their son recalls that the duo was running and when he turned back to see where was Chloe, he was shocked as the pooch suddenly disappeared. This was really strange, but what conclusively happened was worst…