Went Missing

Chloe was just following their son, and as they were to reach the top of 14,000 ft high peak, the boy realized that the pooch wasn’t there. Did he lose the track or what? None could understand. The family was clueless and in worry was just shouting, “Chloe, Chloe- where are you baby?”

Searching The Woods

Larry, Alouk and their son all went in different directions to look out for the missing pooch. The climb up the hill was tough and rough and they were hoping the pooch might not have injured himself up. They went back the same path they climbed up hoping to find Chloe. Little did they know it wasn’t an easy find.


The sun was about to set but there were no traces of Chloe nearby. The family tried their best to reunite with the pooch but it seemed impossible now. As it grew dark, their hopes of finding Chloe too darkened. They stayed at the mountain peak that night all hopeless, just praying that the next morning sun will bring some fortune…


As the sun rose, the family once again gathered their hopes and began looking for the pooch. Unfortunately, that day also even after searching for hours they couldn’t find him. They decided to call it a day and return home with depressed faces. They knew they had to find some other ways of locating their dog.


As the family made their way to the home, everything reminded them of Chloe. His kennel which was filled with the noises he would make, the chair where he and Alouk would sit. All these thoughts killed them from the inside. They were deeply saddened and weeping over the loss. Neither of them could bear the pain caused by separation from Chloe. They knew they needed to do something soon.

Social Media For Help

The very first thought which came to the family was to seek social media for help. It was the internet era and the most viable option in the current scenario. They decided to draft a facebook post and just wished that someone somewhere would help them in finding their pooch. Would this work?