Rachel, mother of Joseph Villasenor, a U.S. veteran visited his grave after a year only to see a bizarre sight. The grave looked completely different. She had tears in her eyes when she laid her eyes on the grave of her dead son. Something was not right! By looking at the condition of grave one could tell there was someone who used to visit his grave. She called her daughter in law and asked for the person responsible for the strange act but she said she was not aware of that. Nobody from the family used to come to visit him which clearly meant there was a stranger who used to visit him and did it all to his grave. Who was that mysterious visitor?

Military Life Cycle

Military Life Cycle

Staff Sergeant Joseph Villasenor was a warm natured person who would make friends with anyone he used to come across with. His infectious smile and inspirational personality would effortlessly draw the attention of people towards him. At the same time, the man was a brave heart who would not hesitate in taking on every challenge coming his way. 

Perfect Life

The signs were visible from the very beginning. He always had the passion of doing something for his country since childhood. One can gauge his eagerness by the fact that Joseph as a child was very keen on doing tasks given in school that used to inspire patriotism in kids. That was not the end after school got finished, the boy decided to pursue his career in the army. Along with his professional life, there was a big twist coming in his personal life too!

Living The Dream

Thanks to his incessant efforts, Joseph soon became a military man. He had everything going on according to his plans when an unexpected person entered his life. During a gathering with friends and families, the military man spotted a beautiful lady who was standing all alone. No need to say he felt an instant attraction towards her and also felt the urge of knowing more about the lady. Joseph stepped towards her!

Instant Connection

It was a magic! The two built the bond instantly. Thereafter they begin dating each other and soon their casual relationship turned into a serious one. It seemed Joseph had all the stars in his favor as his professional life, as well as the personal one, was going great. The couple tied the knot after few months of dating.

Life In Control

It was perhaps the best phase of his life. He had everything he always wished for. A perfect family and a successful career! Yeah, it seemed like a dream come true but little did he know it was a beautiful beginning of a nightmare. The man had no idea what future was holding for him.  

Faithless Day

After 16 years of blissful personal and professional life, the ill-omened day arrived. On the day in question, Joseph was going to a game in his car when an unannounced tragedy hit him. He was driving his way to the venue when his car crashed into a giant object. In a matter of seconds, the car that once was scratch free got badly mangled and shattered.