This story is an odd one out, and a love like them is sure to be your couple goals yet you would never wish for their love story. Too much uncertainty for one life, still we hope, love, take all the risks and keep moving forward with every new day. Ups and downs are surely a part of life for each and every one of us, just that for some, their worse nightmare is a reality, and they’ve to live with it. But miracles happen when people get over their nightmare to fulfill their dreams, because of their will to achieve their dreams, which is much stronger than their nightmares. One such instance is of Jake Coates’ and Emmy Collett’s.

“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.” Mary Jo Putney, a best-selling American author once said and her words fit perfectly with the story of Jake and Emmy.

Childhood Friends

This story started when Jake and Emmy were 11 years old, the pre-teen stage of life, and both went to the same primary school. Jake was from Monmouth, Wales and Emmy from Luckington, Wiltshire and it took no time for the two to become friends instantly, however, what you won’t believe is how this school friendship was soon to turn their lives another way around. It’s strange how life holds the power to play with us when everything appears to be perfect, Jake and Emmy’s lives are true examples of such incidents. Read on to know how!

School Crush

We all had our first crush, our first love and sweet kiddish memories that last lifelong, however, a few are blessed to find their soulmates in the tender age. Emmy shared her memories in an interview stating, “My ‘schoolgirl crush’ on Jake started almost 20 years ago when we were just 11 years old. We quickly became ‘childhood sweethearts’ and at 13 he told me that I was ‘his lobster.’” referring to Phoebe’s famous phrase for her friends, Ross and Rachel from the most lovable TV series Friends. Though life’s unexpected happenings were about to change their lives in the least expected ways.

Sweet Sixteen

Their fairytale began when Jake and Emmy turned 16, “When we were 16 we finally sought the courage to fully admit our feelings for each other and we dated for three years,” she recalled her young love. They enjoyed their childhood friendship for 6 years and now they looked perfect together experiencing first love’s sweetness but as you are aware they are not like ordinary couples and so they’ll be making a life-changing decision soon.

Every Girl’s Dream

Remember your own days of teenage, every girl wishes for something this special to happen but Emmy was the lucky one. “You are my everything & if you still can put up with me, I will marry you one day,” were Jake’s heartwarming words in a short letter he wrote for Emmy when the two were in their later teens. Jake and Emmy loved each other and how the young couple’s love was blooming is clear from Jake’s note, but soon everything changed because of what they decided.

Parted Ways

Nothing lasts forever and so Jake and Emmy’s high school life was soon to get over and the completion of their schooling proved to be an end of their relationship as they both were supposed to go to different universities. While many people give long distant relationships a try in such cases when they are sharing a strong bond with their partners, Jake and Emmy made a choice of parting their ways and moving further in their lives. However, rarely things go according to our plans and same was about to happen with the two.

Far Yet Close

Although Jake and Emmy decided to walk in different directions the childhood sweethearts always managed to stay in touch. Unlike the close relationship, they shared in high school which was never there again, both used to have updates about each other and kept their friendship always in the picture even after the distances. Eventually, things started to change and their effects on their lives were soon to be seen.