When Rebecca tried going inside the house, she realized the locks of the house had been changed. “I wasn’t allowed back in our own home”, said Rebecca, who could not understand a single thing as to what was going on, was searching for her husband in hope of a little support and calmness. 


When Rebecca asked for the reason of eviction from her own home, she found out that they were three months behind the rent. She could not understand this at all because she was a very responsible person and always gave money for rent on time to her husband. 


Rebecca had been giving out money to her husband for their living expenses from her own income. So where did all the rent money go? When she decided and confronted her husband for the same, he was silent and did not even have a single word as an answer to Rebecca’s questions. 


Rebecca felt hopeless. She could not understand what was going on and did not even know what to do next and whom to talk to. She said, “It was like I had been stabbed over and over and I was moving too slow to stop the bleeding.”

In Action

Rebecca decided to take matters into her own hands when she sensed something fishy. Her husband had had erratic sleep habits for a very long time now, and she had thought it was due to some work-related stress. He had even lost weight recently and was always running here or there for some work or the other and never wanted to take his wife and child along with him. 

The Car

When Rebecca started thinking deep, she noticed one thing which was mostly weird. Her husband never parked his car in the driveway. He always parked it in the guest parking spaces available in the neighborhood. She knew what she had to do next. She needed to search the car to find out what was going on.