There is nothing new in coming across various creatures on the roadside. There are pooches, kitties, raccoons and what not. These creatures would often roam freely and would hide behind the garbage cans. But have you ever witnessed a very odd, strange and unworldly kind of animal out on the streets? If you ever had such an encounter, one thing is for sure that your heart would skip a beat. For such weird and unknown animals the only place suitable is a zoo probably, especially if it is a wild one.

The residents of California had one such encounter with a creature they had never seen before. And when they finally realized what it was, they were petrified.


Christmas was around the corner and it was celebration time. Everyone was excited and happy. And right at this time, the residents’ attention was caught by a very odd visitor. An unexpected and weird trespasser. What was this never seen before type of animal?

Rummaging Through

The unknown intruder was hiding behind the garbage cans. It appeared to be a little scared. And in its anxiousness, it spilled a lot of garbage cans. Initially, people suspected it to be a raccoon or a possum, but it wasn’t any. It’s quite weird and sticky appearance created chaos.

Not This

As everyone prepared for Christmas, they bought presents for their friends and family. They expected a lot of visitors to their place due to the festivity. However, none ever expected a visitor like this on the streets. Was it some mysterious animal?


People would have never even paid much attention to this creature had its behavior been like any other. As this creature often spilled the garbage onto the streets it caught a lot of eyes. Probably it was doing it all in search of food, but what made everyone scared was its looks.

No Fur

The animal had pink scales and skin. It was rough and dry. It seemed as if he had no fur or mane. It wasn’t injured but didn’t look good either. People usually got uneasy by its presence. However, one day something strange happened.

Cause Of Worry

This odd-looking animal would roam around the streets and houses. This was all okay until the day it decides to dig holes into the resident’s backyards. It would undo the garden entirely and it would be a mess. It had now become the cause of worry.