When we think of O.J. Simpson, there’s a good chance that one thing comes to mind: did he end the lives of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, or was he tried for a crime he didn’t commit? While he’s been in and out of the headlines ever since he’s not alone.

The former NFL star welcomed five children throughout the years, most of whom were dragged into the media fire along the way. It’s been years since the Trial of the Century, leaving many to wonder what happened to O.J. Simpson’s kids throughout the years.

O.J. Simpson had already been married before wedding Nicole Brown

There’s a good chance that O.J. Simpson’s marriage to Nicole Brown is the most famous of them all. Still, not many know that the former NFL star had already been married by the time they tied the knot. That’s right; Simpson was just 19 years old when he walked down the aisle with his high school sweetheart.

Marguerite Whitley seemed to throw herself into married life as she supported Simpson’s dream of making it to the NFL. At the time, he was still enrolled at the University of Southern California and was one of the star players on the college’s football team. Sadly, Simpson and Whitley had no idea how things would change.

The couple welcomed three children throughout their marriage

It didn’t take long for things to change within the Simpson family, as they welcomed their first child just one year after tying the knot. Arnelle was born in 1968 and marked the football star’s first daughter. She was followed by the couple’s second child – and first son – Jason Lamar, who was born in 1970.

To many, they thought Simpson’s family was complete. That was until 1977, when Simpson and Whitley welcomed their third child, a daughter named Aaren Lashone Simpson. Many assumed this was everything Simpson could need. He had his career and his family, but it seemingly wasn’t enough for the NFL legend, who eventually gave in to his wandering eye.

Nicole Brown was working as a waitress when she met O.J. Simpson

Just because things look like they’re perfect on the outside doesn’t always mean that’s the case. Sadly, that was the truth for O.J. Simpson and Marguerite Whitley, who were seemingly dealing with their own struggles away from the public eye. He might have been married, but that didn’t stop Simpson from thinking about other women.

The problem? It didn’t take long for O.J. to act on those urges. He was still married when he headed to a nightclub called The Daisy. Apparently, Simpson was a regular, and he quickly formed a friendship with a young waitress. Nicole Brown was 18 years old compared to her new 30-year-old married friend.

O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown quickly grew a little too close

He might have been married, but that didn’t stop O.J. Simpson from getting a little too close to Nicole Brown. The pair seemed to hit things off immediately, and it wasn’t long before they embarked on an affair. Still, no one is sure if Marguerite Whitley knew about her husband’s new love and turned a blind eye.

If she had no idea that Simpson was moving on with someone new, Whitley probably found out the hard way when O.J. and Nicole decided to move in together. They might have recently welcomed their third child, but the betrayal was enough to see Whitely and Simpson file for a divorce. The problem? Tragedy was just around the corner.

Aaren Simpson was almost two when tragedy struck the Simpson family

Things had gone from the perfect fairytale relationships to the rest of the world to an incredibly challenging time for everyone involved. After all, O.J. Simpson’s kids had already had to get used to growing up in the limelight thanks to his successful NFL career. Things only got worse when he left to live with Nicole Brown.

Sadly, the most tragic thing of all came shortly before Simpson’s daughter’s second birthday. Aaren somehow accidentally fell into the family’s swimming pool and drowned. Although medics did everything they could, the toddler fell into a coma and lost her life a short time later. It was enough to tear the Simpson family even further apart.