Inbred Tiger

The only way to bring a white tiger in the world is by breeding, brother and sister or father and daughter which is not at all good from the zoo’s part. After many unsuccessful efforts, that’s when a healthy white tiger cub is born. This shows the cruel intentions of the zookeepers. Zabu, the white tigress too suffered from a few flaws that were ignored.

Zabu’s Flaws

As we already told about Zabu being an inbred, she suffers from some genetic flaws. These flaws affect their lifestyle and a healthy living. Although the Zabu and Cameron find their peace and happiness with each other, life was not at all easy for the two. They were living in an awful environment with no one to think about them.

Lifted Upper Lip

Zabu’s upper lip was too short and this created a lot of problems for the tigress. The upper lip works as a protector to their teeth, which meant Zabu was prone to get injured badly if she met an accident during a simple playful act. As if this wasn’t enough, Zabu had another serious issue too.


The white mane that made the zookeepers let her live was also the reason for her crossed eyes. It was because this white mane affected the poor feline’s optic nerve. This means she can’t do everything with so much perfection like other tigresses. While she was suffering from a lot, Cameron was not having good days either.


Cameron, the lion is underweight by 200 pounds which is not at all a normal thing to happen. He too suffers from genetic defects which didn’t allow his body to grow any further after reaching to one extent. But this less weight thing was going to become one big reason behind his future escape. 

For Selfish Reasons

The zoo people kept Cameron and Zabu together without spaying or neutering either of them. This clearly showed their intentions about the two. The zoo authorities were expecting their togetherness to result in the birth of Liger cubs. But the zoo authorities were ignoring the worse consequences of this hybrid.