The Next Big Thing

You won’t see a lion falling for a tigress in the wild. This one of the strange thing that can only happen with animals kept in captivity. Ligers are the next big thing as people are going crazy to see them. They are bigger in size than any other wild cats on Earth. They can have this beautiful mixture of a tiger’s black stripes and a lion’s hair. But as you know, everything beautiful comes at its own cost.

Plethora Of Defects

As Ligers are the result of an unusual crossbred, the poor cats suffer from the high risk of being born with a high level of abnormalities that they suffer from throughout their lives. But all this was neglected by the zoo authorities as they had their own plans for the Liger cubs.

Selling For Profits

Okay, now you might think that selling of wild felines isn’t illegal? Yes, it is but ligers aren’t any of the felines. Their demand is high and they’re not yet classified and added under the protection rights of wild cats. This was the best way to get things done legally and not being blamed for anything at all. 

No Babies Yet

For four years, Cameron, the lion, and Zabu, the tigress was kept together under the zoo’s supervision but Zabu never got pregnant during this period. During these 4 years, they were kept under such unacceptable situations that you won’t believe it.


Cameron and Zabu were in the zoo for more than 4 years and apart from their personal issues that they were destined to face throughout their lives, they also had to stay in small cages. Other than this there’s something so amazing about these two that you should know.

Always Together

Apart from each other, the duo had nothing else to do. They stayed together all the time, slept, walked, played, fought, ate, everything together. But things were about to change soon, for better or worse, only time could tell.