They say that surfing is one of the most exhilarating activities one could ever be blessed with doing. Well, the waves, the ocean breeze, and the gorgeous sun is a combination nothing can compare to. Admit it, we have all imagined and daydreamed about riding waves and getting on a surfboard. There is another thing that makes surfing one of the most entertaining sports ever. You might catch a few fishes or sea creatures while at it. James Taylor encountered something while riding the waves that changed his whole perception of the aquatic life.

Paddle Boarding

So you never know what kind of a day, spending time at the ocean would be like. There are so many possibilities that await you in the ocean. After all, water covers 70% of the world, right? Well for this man named James Taylor, who is a surfer aged 39, it was like any other day. He was busy surfing but on this particular day in Melkbosstrand, South Africa. He was paddle surfing his day away and did not think much of it until this.


Just like him, he had a wife who was well into water sports too. His wife loves spending time and surfing in the ocean waves just as much as Taylor enjoys it. So this random day, he was just paddling around with his darling wife, Christina, minding their own business until they saw something weird lurking in the ocean water. Since he was not prepared for any kind of an out-of-the-ordinary experience, he was completely shaken up by what he saw that day.

Giant Squid

We never know what we could discover in the ocean because we as humans have not even uncovered most of what lies under the depths of the ocean bodies. Who knows what kind of fish or living creates stay under the deep trenches of the oceans. So on that day what did Taylor discover? Well, it turns out, the peculiar thing that the couple saw in the water was actually a giant squid! The huge squid appeared to be injured as well and Taylor knew he had to do something to help.

Acting Quick

It would be confusing to see something as random as an injured squid out of the blue in the water. And indeed Taylor was very shocked to see such a thing. Since the squid was suffering from some injuries, it needed to be helped immediately. Taylor tried his best and did whatever he thought was best at the spur of the moment. He made a lasso out of a rope and tied to squid to pull it out of the water. The squid was, however, not cooperating and it had intentions of its own.

Grab On

We can never tell what sea creatures are thinking, so Taylor could not get an idea of what the squid was trying to do. The squid, in place of making its move towards the rope, decided that it was wiser to do something completely different. The squid made a completely different move, using its tentacles to grab onto Taylor’s board. From this, it was clear that the squid was just trying to get a very comfortable ride and not have to muscle up too much energy itself.

Giant Wave

Not only are the sea creatures in the ocean unpredictable, even the waves can leave you quite surprised. So just like that, a sudden giant wave hit Taylor’s board. This caused him to fall off in the clutches of the rolling water. The squid took an even tighter hold onto the surfer’s board. After this, the video clip fasts forwards to the couple, James and his wife right there on the shore. The couple wanted people to see what took place in the sea that day.