The relationship between a husband and wife is dependent on one very major factor, trust. And a lot of times you trust your spouse blindly and never even think of doubting them. You feel like you know the person inside out and there is possibly no side of them that has been concealed from you.

But what if your partner turns out to be a total contrast of what you had ever known about them? What if your own spouse has been hiding their own true self from you all this while?

The Chelekis have been a very loving family, a perfect one so to say. But soon enough, their lives will fall apart in a way that will leave you with goosebumps!

Amanda Chelekis

Amanda was a working woman residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She had a family of her own, as perfect as it could be, a husband and two little daughters. Amanda worked as a nurse-practitioner where her career was climbing the stairs to success.

American Dream

Amanda’s life was nothing less than an American dream for her. She and her husband had worked really hard to get a beautiful house and to provide everything possible that was within their reach for their beautiful daughters. Amanda had everything she could ever ask her. 

James Chelekis

James Philip Chelekis, a 32-year-old man, husband of Amanda, was a Mathematics teacher in Kentwood Public School. James and Amanda had been married for 10 years and were deeply in love with each other, or so it seemed. 

 Life Cycle

Life is a two-way process. So with happiness comes sadness as well. Amanda and James seemed to have a perfect life, full of happy colors. But soon all was going to change and things were going to turn out to be very unpleasant.

Ominous Month

In June of 2017, Amanda and James were going to experience the worst days of their lives. Their perfect life was going to be the most imperfect life any person could have. And the reason would be something that every spouse has a fear of. 


On the night of June 26th, 2017, Amanda’s perfect life collapsed into a million pieces. She discovered something that every married person fears about. Her husband, whom she had trusted with all her heart had cheated on her.