The Discovery

While starting the task of breaking down the school buildings, the workers were unaware of what they were going to discover from the premises. Among the ruins of the building, they would find something vintage, that would change lives. 

The Particular Room

On one morning of January 2019, when the workers were halfway done breaking down the school building, they were to take down the science room of the school. The day had been like any other ordinary day for them, until…

Something Found

The first task in order to start dismantling the room was to take out the furniture that filled the room. And while doing that, one of the workers noticed that something was sparkling in a corner. And that is when he reached it. 


As soon as the worker saw the unusual sparkling object, he ran towards it. But he was unaware at the time that what he had found would be the start of an incredible story. It was a small black purse, and what was inside it, was going to change everything. 


All the workers gathered together when they saw that a purse had been found. It could have had anything in it. As much as they wanted to open it and see what was inside it, they also had doubts if that would be the right thing to do or not. 

The Inside Stuff

After their curiosity won, the workers decided to open the purse and look at what was inside it. The purse had several everyday items that made clear that the purse belonged to a woman who had been a part of the school once.