Everyone has a favorite beach activity. For some people it is playing outdoor games, for some, it is water sports, while for some it is simply lying down and relaxing in the sand. However, there are a few people who enjoy a different kind of activity, which is beachcombing. Believe it or not, you can find hundreds of such people any day on any beach looking for treasure. They spend hours rummaging through the golden sand particles hoping to find a precious object.

But sometimes, fate works in mysterious ways. A person who may not be searching for treasure may stumble upon a valuable item, totally unaware of its value. Such was the case of the Illman family, who were out on a stroll at the beach when they came across a remarkable find.

Illman Family

Kym Illman is an Australian Entrepreneur and photographer. He was born in the city of Adelaide, Australia. Married to Tonya Illman with two children, Kim has a perfect little family. Tonya is also a photographer and together they travel the world with their cameras clasped in their hands, searching for their next big adventure. 

Sunday Outing

It was a bright sunny morning in Perth, Australia. Kym and Tonya had decided to surprise their kids by taking them out for a spontaneous outing. Their children are a big fan of the beach so that’s where they were headed. Their house was in chaos, everyone busy packing their things and getting ready for the excursion.

Packing Up

Tonya was in the kitchen putting together a picnic basket. The kitchen island was invisible underneath so much food, cut up strawberries, grapes, and other berries, freshly baked baguette, pretzel sticks, club sandwiches and of course, Kym’s favorite ham and cheese sandwiches. 

On The Way

Once everything was put together and packed in the car, the Illman family was ready to hit the road! The car radio was playing the latest pop tunes, and the laughter of children filled up the inside of the car. As they covered more distance, the sky-high towers of Perth slowly diminished in the rearview mirror and the tall trees greeted them at the horizon. 

Hitting A Bump

Things were going as per the plan when a sudden bump in the road led to an abrupt halt in the journey. Kym got out to inspect and found a flat tire. And as fate will have it, they didn’t have a spare tire in the trunk. Tonya took out her phone and called for help. 

Hours To Spare

The mechanic told Tonya that it will take him three hours to reach them. It’s a Sunday which means he is extra busy. Or maybe extra lazy, who knows. But that means the family of four had more than three hours to spare and they were definitely not going to sit in the car for that much time.