Kym found on a map that there is a beach nearby about half a mile or so. It is not the one where they were headed but three hours at a random beach sounds better than three hours stuck in a car in the middle of nowhere. So it was decided that they will go and wait at the beach until the mechanic arrives. 

The Beach

They reached the beach faster than they had assumed. The ocean was kissing the skyline for as far as their eyes could go. The sand had a beautiful hue of gold in it. The sun was bright but not hot, the breeze was cool against their faces. This was so much better than waiting in the car for sure. 

Finding A Spot

The family found a spot with an outdoor umbrella and a bench where Kim unloaded their things. The children wanted to go in the water so Kym decided to join them, Tonya, on the other hand, decided to go on a stroll across the beach. 


Even though Tonya was a big fan of beaches, she was not a fan of humans on the beach. They ruin everything. And she could see the same outcome for this beach too, it was littered badly. There was nobody taking responsibility for it. She felt strongly about such issues. 


Tonya Illman was an environmentalist. She cared for the planet and practiced eco-friendly activities in her everyday life. She taught the same to her children too. So she decided to make this a meaningful trip and went to find her family. It was time to clean this beach up!

Sharing The Plan

Tonya found her family just stepping out of the sea. “Perfect timing”, she called out to them. The trio faced her with a confused look. Tonya shared her concern and plan for the remote beach. To her surprise, the children were excited to help!