To some Marriage is a beautiful alliance while for others it’s just another part of life. While some might do everything to make things work out, the better half just sits back and owns the monotony in life. It’s often quoted that the man in a marriage is the one who always forgets the birthdays while it’s the woman who always remembers them.

However, the couple in our story is the one who changed this statement. Their alliance was a perfect one where the husband was equally involved in the relationship. His wife could not stop bragging about him until the day he left her only because she went paralyzed. But as they say, “Sometimes You Have To Give Them The Taste Of Their Own Medicine”. Our protagonist did something her husband wouldn’t have even imagined in his worst nightmare.

Much In Love

Riona Kelly and her loving husband Richard were not just like any other couple. You would have come across many lovely couples but they were a little special. What makes them special is that they were completely opposite to each other in terms of personality and knew each other from good college days when they began dating and soon only realized that they were meant to be together.

The Vows Of Love

They both couldn’t wait to make their relationship official and nothing could have made it official better than tying the knot. They took their wedding vows in a manner a little different from others. Instead of just saying “I Do and I Accept” and they both looked at each other into their eyes and repeated the entire vow. Even we could not stop going “aww” over their rush of love.

Married For Long

It was some fourteen years for which Kelly and Richard were married. They have cherished all their times together. Not only did they make their every dream a reality but they also gave birth to a beautiful family of their own. They were proud parents to four children. Little they knew that after being married for such a long phase they will have to face the unexpected.

A Happy Family

The very dream which any couple sees together is to have children. And Kelly and Richard also gave life to their this dream. They were a happy family of six members. Kelly and Richard and the kids namely Leighanra who is now 17, Caleb is 12, Izabela is in her 10th year and Logan is the youngest one aged 6 years. They would go on family vacations together and all their pictures were “Picture-Perfect Types” captioned.

Kelly-The Mother

Kelly was the best mother her children could ever ask for. She dedicated her entire day to her kids running behind them for making them eat, go for studies and looking after their health. She knew that raising them as responsible adults is a challenge that she had to win.

An Illusion

Not everything that seems fine on the outside is actually the same on the inside. This very sweet and happy family though was genuinely a happy one. But one incident happened and Kelly and Richard’s happy family turned into an illusion. An illusion which was destroyed badly.