Marriage binds two people together forever. But there are a lot of times when two people are unable to make the marriage work and it ends up in a split. You can never force the other person to stay with you, contrary to their will. And what will happen if you forcefully try to?

There are a lot of people in this world who fear change, and the woman whose story we’re about to read is one of those people. She is scared of letting go. Her over possessiveness and desperate attempts of stopping her husband from leaving her are going to ruin a lot of lives and the damage will be irrecoverable.


This real life incident takes us to Barranquilla, Colombia. Barranquilla is an industrial city, the largest in the Northern Caribbean Coast Region. The people of Barranquilla are boisterous and to a certain extent over-confident because of the bold culture they follow. 

The Wife

Meet Antonela Milena Padilla, a 37-year-old Colombian woman who is married for two years and lives with her husband. She is a bold lady who likes to live life on her own terms. She has a very lively personality but what her mind can think and plan of is unimaginable for all of us. 

Unstable Marriage

After two years of being together, Antonela’s marriage had reached a point where it was on the rocks. The relationship had become quite unstable and there seemed to be nothing that was left between the husband and wife. 


Antonela wanted to save her marriage at all costs and she had made up her mind that she would go to any heights in an attempt to save her marriage when her husband had made up his mind to leave her. And those exact attempts were going to be disastrous.


The couple lived together, stayed together in the same room, but there was truly nothing left in their relationship and Antonela could not accept any kind of failure, even if it was something as important and sacred as a marriage that is supposed to work only when two people in it are adamant on making it work.


Antonela’s husband wanted to leave his wife because nothing seemed to be working between the two. He had made several attempts to save the marriage on his part, but there was absolutely nothing that could make the make things better. It was only getting worse.