No Acceptance

Antonela, on the other hand, was on a very different path. She had made up her mind that she would not accept a divorced marriage and would do all that it would take to keep her husband with her. But what was to happen next was unbelievable. 

Devising Plans

The wife was so desperate to keep her husband that she started devising plans to stop him from leaving. She had decided to do something that would make his decision of leaving her, a difficult one for him to be on.

Biggest Lie

Antonela had decided that she would fake a pregnancy for her hopeless endeavors to stop her husband from leaving her. But what would happen on the due date? Antonela’s plan for the due date was something we could never imagine even in our dreams.


Antonela finally told her husband or rather lied to him about the pregnancy, that she was carrying his child. A fact so big would surely move a man from taking the step of leaving his wife, or at least think twice about it. 

Happiness Overloaded

The news was too big for Antonela’s husband because he had never been a father before, and he forgot everything about leaving his wife in his excitement and happiness of becoming a father. But it would not be late until he would regret his decision of staying with a woman as cunning as Antonela. 

In Action

Antonela started putting her plan of faking a pregnancy in action. She started placing a cushion on top of her stomach under her clothes to trick her husband and the whole family about being pregnant. But this was just the starting.