Henry Miller exaggerating about destiny quotes that “Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.” Nobody has control over it nor anybody could question why is it happening to him or her. No matter how much time it takes, what is meant to be is definitely going to be showcased at a point of time. Here is a story about how fate changed the life of a lady named Gayle Brandeis who tried really hard to escape from her fate.

Teacher Gayle

Gayle was a teacher at Sierra Nevada College back in 2010 when she was going through her dark phase of life. Though she used to smile from outside, her mind battled against her insecurities, problems and other matters that disturbed her. She was emotionally passive but was socially very active. One such platform she used to showcase her made-up smile was Facebook. 

A Free Lecture

As soon as Gayle got any free lectures, she used to scroll down her facebook news and feeds so that she could keep herself up-to-date. She used to receive many compliments in the comment session and she was somewhat popular in the world of facebook. 

A Decision Maker

Gayle believed in herself and was sure of what consequences her actions might make. She had always been independent and used to make her decisions all by herself so that she could not experience what regret is. She hated exterior invasion in her life and continued being the same every time.

A Loving Wife

She was a loving wife. She did all household works and even she managed to work simultaneously. Her life was quite monotonous and she missed the good old days when she used to be free. One day, while preparing dinner, her phone chimed and she ran to find her phone.

A Message

On reaching the phone, the first thing she did was to remove the screen lock. Without wasting further time, she logged in her facebook and started refreshing the news and feeds. Her facebook inbox started to flash. Excited to read messages, she opened her inbox. The sender was unknown which made her ignore the message and continuing scroll down.


Having kept aside her phone, she continued her cooking. Suddenly she felt as if she had heard the sender’s name before. She tried hard to recall but all she could remember was a pang of fear which she could revisit. She was curious to know the reason behind her this situation. So she fetched for her phone once again.