Marriages are a union of two souls and a commitment for a lifetime. A couple needs to work together in every phase of life to make their relationship a success. It is beautiful to see two independent individuals falling in love, deciding to tie the knot and promising each other a lifetime of togetherness. But as it goes, no day is the same. The sun might not shine brightly and there are days when it is cloudy.

Edith and Jake, a couple from Arizona were happily married. One fine day, it was discovered that after 30 years of long marriage, Jack was cheating on Edith. The revenge that Edith took from Jack was something that broke the internet. What was it? Read in here to see how Edith made him taste a medicine none would really wish to…

The Revenge

Jack was caught cheating on his wife Edith. And instead of being guilty, he decided to call his marriage quits. He asked Edith to move out of their house. The house which was a million dollar property, no less than anyone’s dream home. However, Edith was a smart woman. She decides to leave something behind in the house, and when Jack saw what it was, he decides to gift back the home to her.


No relation is able to sustain when either of the partners is caught cheating over the other. Infidelity breaks everything and this is what happened in Jack and Edith’s marriage of 30 years. It is tough for a partner to go through this phase and the only word that comes to them is, “revenge”. Edith too didn’t let go of things that easy.

Much In Love

Edith and Jack met through a dating website. They shared some common traits and hobbies and thus showed interest in each other’s profile. The duo went on a date and immediately caught each other’s full attention. While talking about themselves they did not realize how time flew by. All they wanted was just to continue talking. Was it love at first sight for them?

Love At First Sight

Jack and Edith didn’t know whether it was love at first sight or not, all they knew was that they really liked each other’s companionship and wished to stay together forever. As days passed, love blossomed between them. To them every day came as a fresh and exciting one where they could cherish each other’s presence. And finally, after dating for over 6 months, Jack presented the big question.

Will You Marry Me?

On one of his dates, Jack suddenly went on a knee and took a box of the ring out from his pocket. Edith was all amazed, though she had been waiting for this all the while, and finally the moment was there. Jack said the much-awaited words, “Will You Marry Me, Edith”?

Tie The Knot

There were no chances that Edith would refuse the proposal. She readily agreed. The couple was looking forward to tying the knot and starting their marital bliss. Little did they know how this happiness will turn into a major regret they will have to carry all their lives.