Animal Companions

In Damian’s perspective, the formidable inhabitants of the zoo appeared to forge a more profound bond with him than many peers of his age. His childhood residence, cocooned within the untamed confines of the zoo, transformed into a mysterious refuge where only a handful of friends dared to explore. It was a realm dominated by lions, tigers, and bison, making it a hazardous yet exhilarating sanctuary of the wild.

The denizens of the zoo seemed to share an extraordinary connection with Damian that surpassed the typical relationships of children his age. His childhood home, nestled within the untamed expanse of the zoo, evolved into an enigmatic haven rarely explored by friends. In this perilous yet thrilling sanctuary, lions, tigers, and bison ruled the landscape, creating a unique and captivating backdrop to Damian’s formative years.

Spirit of Conservation

To secure the enduring vitality of Howletts Wild Animal Park and Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, Damian’s father crafted an enduring legacy. Through the establishment of a charitable fund, he provided a crucial lifeline that sustained the profound mission of these sanctuaries. This mission involved the relentless commitment to wildlife preservation and the safeguarding of the untamed marvels inherent in our natural world.

The charitable fund, a testament to Damian’s father’s vision, became the cornerstone of these parks’ ongoing efforts. Its purpose was to ensure the perpetual well-being of the diverse wildlife inhabiting the parks, underscoring the family’s unwavering dedication to the conservation of our planet’s precious and endangered species.

The Orphaned Gorillas

In the realms of Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, a captivating tale unfolded. These exceptional zoos embarked on a noble quest, striving to breed endangered species teetering on the brink of extinction. However, their aspirations extended beyond mere conservation. They emerged as trailblazers in the intricate craft of caring for and raising orphaned gorillas, equipping these majestic creatures for a victorious reintroduction into their natural habitats.

Within the boundaries of Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, a mesmerizing narrative took shape. These remarkable zoos undertook a commendable mission, not only breeding endangered species on the verge of extinction but also pioneering the delicate art of nurturing and raising orphaned gorillas. Their ultimate goal: to prepare these majestic beings for a triumphant return to the untamed wilderness where they rightfully belong.

Passing the legacy

Damian’s current affluent lifestyle finds its origins in the enduring wisdom of his father, John Aspinall. From John, Damian inherited not only a strong work ethic but also a visionary perspective on financial management. Entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the zoos and their essential funds, Damian embarked on a transformative journey that would both test and shape him in extraordinary ways.

As the sole torchbearer of his family’s commitment to caring for magnificent creatures, Damian faced the challenge with resilience. His journey unfolded as a testament to the lessons instilled by his father, propelling him to navigate the complexities of managing zoos and safeguarding their crucial resources with a determination that defined his path to success.

The Two Gorillas

During his early years, Damian took on a distinctive role in caring for orphaned baby gorillas that found a home in his father’s zoos. The connection between young Damian and these infant gorillas became indistinct as they developed a remarkable camaraderie, evolving into nearly inseparable playmates. Among this exceptional group of gorillas, two individuals, Djalta and Ima, held a special position of honor and affection, their names destined to echo through the pages of history.

Djalta and Ima, distinguished members of this extraordinary gorilla family, occupied a unique place in Damian’s heart. As a tender caregiver during his youth, Damian shared an inseparable bond with these two gorillas, a bond that transcended the boundaries between species and time, leaving an indelible mark on the chronicles of their shared history

The Wife

Fast-forward to the present day, where destiny intertwined Damian’s path with that of Victoria Fisher in 2016. Victoria, a spirited Burberry employee in the enchanting landscapes of Italy, approached their union with humour and heart.

She playfully quipped that in marrying Damian, she was embracing an entire menagerie of animals, as though they were an inseparable package. But this wasn’t a jest that fell lightly, for Victoria’s love for the wild world was as deep as it was genuine, making her the perfect companion for a life filled with extraordinary experiences.