Yasmin is a regular girl with regular friends and was with them enjoying and partying in a club. But little she knew, her life about take a very sharp turn that will change the entire course of her life. Everybody around her was in a complete shock after hearing it. But you might think, so what? That’s life and it happens to everybody. We agree that things happen to everybody every day, but Jasmin’s situation was something very different.

She was having a usual day with her friends and then she saw something that made her realize that not everybody is as considerate towards us we think people are. People are born with the feeling of getting offended with the other person without knowing the true reason behind it. However, she wasn’t like that. She knew herself very well and responded to the situation very bravely and sensibly. Her action made the headlines and it was meant to be applauded.

The Beginning

Yasmin was with her friends at the usual local pub where they always go to have fun. She was laughing and enjoying the talks and was happy at that moment. She loved her friends and they loved her back. Life was going the way she wanted. She has a good circle of friends on whom she can rely on to and she also has a supportive family that was also there when a sudden surprising event was placed in front of her. However, she did not give in.

Anonymous Letter

After Yasmin and her friends were done, they decided to leave the pub. They walked across the parking lot that was few steps away from the pub, but Yasmin realized that her feet were sore. She thought it is because of the high heels she was wearing and wasn’t used to them. Her friends were just right behind her making fun of her inability to walk properly. But keeping the fun aside her friends were there for her when she needed them the most. She reached her car and placed her purse on the hood to find the keys and there she saw a note on the windshield. But why this note?

Cramps? Or Allergies?

19-year-old Yasmin had just graduated from Homewood School and began her new job recently. Everything was going great and perfect for her. But then one day, she became ill. “The main thing that I noticed was my legs swelling up, my stomach, my back, and my eyes also became really puffy and sore,” she said. Yasmin’s first reaction towards her sudden illness was of some kind of allergies, but little she knew it was something bigger entirely and later it became really serious.

Getting Sicker

She took several kinds of antihistamines and painkillers to comfort her, but there was no change in her condition. And the pain was getting really serious with each passing day and she knew something wasn’t right. Her mother was really worried about her condition and then she took her to the doctor for a proper check-up. The doctor diagnosed her with exhaustion and prescribed her with some medications and asked her to take some time off from work. But the doctor couldn’t have been more wrong.

Something Wasn’t Right

Yasmin was also relieved after knowing that her condition is because of all the exhaustion and she followed her doctor’s advice and took some time off from her workplace. Even after that, her condition didn’t change. She explained, “I was literally walking the distance of a room before I had to stop walking. My exercise routine went from healthy to non-existent. Where I used to go to the gym five times a week, my health was just getting worse and worse.”

But what was it? Why didn’t her condition show any change even after the doctor diagnosed her? Everybody around her knew that something wasn’t right. On one hand, there was the mystery behind her health and on the second, there was this note that she found on her windshield. Who did that and why?

Frightened Mother

As she told us about her daily routine where she used to go to the gym five times a week, even though she stopped going to the gym, she kept losing weight. She wasn’t feeling hungry and her face started to look pale. In other words, her condition was miserable. Her mother saw her child’s condition getting deteriorate, yet her hands were tied and she couldn’t do anything about it. “My symptoms developed gradually, but in the last few months leading up to my diagnosis, it was just getting worse and worse. My mum said she was scared she would lose me.” Then, one day Yasmin’s health took another turn that shocked everybody.