Jackie Chan truly said, “sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” Kindness is a value that every human should possess as it makes a human more human. If life is a gift then kindness is the gift wrapper, this is how important this value is to humans. Act of kindness, when used as a gesture, provides a person with honor and respect. One such act of kindness was portrayed by a beggar which drastically elevated his standards making him a different man from what he previously used to be.


Sarah is a 34 years old lady who is a mother of two little angels. She is still young and follows her dream of training yoga. She is living her desired life where everything is going according to her. In the pursuit of her dreams, she worked harder and reached a point where she owns a Yoga Studio named Darling Yoga Studio.

Family Oriented

Sarah hardly gets time to spend with her beloved family, however, she manages her time accordingly. She is blessed with her two kids and an amazing husband. Apart from her family, the only thing she was concerned about was her yoga studio.

Training At Her Best

Sarah is a co-owner of a Yoga Studio with her sister Emily Darling. Sarah diligently trains yoga to everyone, be it kids or geriatric people. Her passion for yoga can never get decreased and she tries to invest her most of the time in training yoga. Her day starts with Yoga and ends up doing the same.

Her Possession

One day, Sarah had to take care of the studio since her sister was out of town. She was the last person to leave the studio. While locking the door of the studio, her finger got pressed a bit which added on to the pain she developed the previous day. This made her take her engagement ring off her finger and place safely inside her pocket.

Dazzling Street

Sarah could sense the joyous faces of people walking down the street. She thought it to be a sign of her happy meeting and further tried to reach home as soon as possible. She could not wait to see her kids and husband and she wanted to prepare something special for three of them. She started thinking of a recipe that won’t take much time and tastes delicious at the same time.

Big Heart

While walking, she caught sight of a familiar face whom she used to observe almost every day. She never got a chance to help that man earlier so she thought of helping him out that day. She went to him and dug out of her pocket some loose change to contribute a little from her side. She smiled and finally left for home.