Every day is a new day. You never know what is lurking in the corner. Even this woman never suspected that discovering a stray dog would lead her to something profound. The dog was indeed a lucky pup because this lady did not stop until she helped find the dog’s family. However, the dog took her to a rural highway which left her very puzzled. Kathy Wilkes-Meyers’ story is one that is fit for a movie. This is one story that is too unbelievable to be true…

Taking A Walk

We all know just how refreshing an evening walk or a morning walk can be. It truly cleanses the boy and the activity really does shape your body for the better. So even Kathy Wilkes-Meyers was used to taking a walk in the evening. She loved to stay fit and maintain a healthy body. But one particular day, her evening walk was disturbed by something she never thought she would encounter.

An Animal?

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So as Kathy was walking around her usual route, she spotted a dark shape across her. Since her walks were usually spent undisturbed and peaceful, this was truly something new. She was immediately curious to see what this mysterious object was and what it was doing here. It was right there on the side of the road and appeared to be some sort of animal…

What Is It?

Since she never saw anything like this during her daily exercise, it really sparked up an interest to see what it was for Kathy. So what was this mysterious object and why had it found its way here? Was this story going to have a happy ending? Kathy went a little closer towards the object so as to investigate what was actually there that night. Was she going to regret it?

Not Just Any Animal

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As Kathy peeked from afar, she could see the dark shape moving about. She could see that the object across from where she was standing was not just any animal. It was, in fact, a dog and it was drinking water from a ditch. Since Kathy had never seen a dog in this side of her neighborhood, she was very confused as to how it got here. She knew she had to check the dog out and take a closer look…

A Rottweiler?

So Kathy decided to investigate first had and see why a dog would be around this side of the neighborhood in the first place. When she finally got to the other side of the road, she had a clearer vision of how the dog looked like. It was a black dog that was quite skinny. She could also immediately tell that it wasn’t actually a stray. Judging from the appearance, this dog was a Rottweiler. 

The Discovery

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According to Kathy, when she approached the dog, she could tell when the dog first saw her, it was not comfortable at all. In fact, it first looked quite scared and afraid of the random woman standing next to it. However, after just a while, Kathy did not scare the dog and so the Rottie started to wag its tail. Then it was this time that Kathy discovered something weird.