Don’t we just love flaunting the artistic and designer piece of jewelry that we own? Especially when the jewelry is nothing but a big piece of rock-a huge diamond. Of course, we love doing it and for a woman, it is something she’ll cherish all a while.

You must have come across a popular saying “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”. And, why not? They are shiny, glittery, full of luster, resilient, hard rocks that have a resale value. Though diamonds are found in the darkest mines, they are the ones which often shines a woman’s life and confidence bright.

This anonymous woman bought a diamond ring from a random flea market on the outskirts of the city of London. She presumed it to be an artificial artifact, but after wearing it for nearly 30 long years, a mysterious man compels the woman to give a thought about that ring’s actual value. And believe us, the worth is worth knowing. It will leave you astounded.

That’s A Royal Stone

When she heard the appraiser’s words, she couldn’t believe her ears. She looked at her, again. “Are you sure?” “Yes, Madam. This is a royal stone.”, said the voice. She was totally baffled. Wrapping her head around this fact was a difficult thing. All she knew was if those words of the appraiser are true, she has turned unimaginably rich.

Not Mistaken

To make sure that she heard exactly what is assuming that she heard, she asked the appraiser,” You are not mistaken?” The woman on the other side could understand the excitement and the adrenal rush that the owner of the ring was facing. She had not known in the last 30 years that the ring she had been wearing was a real diamond.

The Flea Market

It all started back in the year 1980 when the woman was just strolling through the flea market, organized at the west London. The West Middlesex Hospital was the main organizing authority. There was utter chaos in the market, people were rubbing against each other in hope of just buying the cheapest but useful lot. There were clothes, jewelry, crockery, appliances and what not.

Caught Her Eyes

The woman obviously wasn’t financially strong enough. She had only a few bucks with her. And she knew the flea market was the only place where she could find cheap and reasonably good looking stuff in the entire aristocratic London. While passing through a stall, her eyes felt on a huge necklace. And as she was about to get mesmerized, something even gorgeous caught her attention.

I Want It

The stall was a jewelry stall. And everyone knows, when it comes to these glittering stones, nothing could stop a woman from entering the store and trying her hand out on one of those. She tried the necklace and it dazzled her neck. But when she adorned the ring, she knew that she can’t give over this. “I Want This” was all she whispered.

Eyes Glued At It

The woman wanted to purchase this ring. But she carefully examined the piece for its outer finish. Though she knew it was an artificial one, its finishing was so fine that it didn’t appear to be one. The ring undoubtedly looks something from a royal time, an expensive stone. Then came the even bigger question; will she be able to afford even this one?